Out(Bear)Cast – Librarian

The Korps book keepers are very handy to have around on a field trip..


Middling stats with good Wp and average Df and can moves at an average Wk but has no charge.

They are enforcers so can take an upgrade which in most situations will be Oathkeeper I think just because the fast is so effective.


Armor – Standard for the Korps, good but there is plenty of ways round it.

Freikorps Suit – Ignoring damage from pulses and blasts can be huge against certain match-ups.

Nether Fluctuation – A small bubble but pretty nasty as it removes built-in suits on Ca, Sh and Ml of enemy models. Positioned right there are a lot of models hurt by this.

Attack Actions

Ancient Words – Their attack has a good Ca value so watch out incorporeal models. It can be used at range or while engaged which is very useful. The damage track is also not bad .

It has a Tome suit built-in and needs an extra one for both its triggers;

  • Surge – Upon succeeding allows you to draw a card. Handy for the for the first attack if you are using Furious Casting to balance the books (see what I did there).
  • Resonance – Deals blasts on moderate and severe damage (for slight reduction in actual damage). Very nasty against clumps of models.

Interesting triggers as they are based on the same suit you can decide each time which one is beneficial the free card OR blasts.

Tactical Action

Furious Casting – 2AP action that lets you take 3 Ca actions against the same model (not the healing action though 😦 ).

Healing Energy – Needs any 7 to hand out a healing flip which is pretty nice. If the leader is an outcast you can cast this more than once which is just gravy!


Great utility piece as healing can be very powerful ability to have around, especially when you can do it twice in outcasts and is not that difficult to get.

While a decent attack that can be used as a way of giving your hand a boost or just hurting bubbles of models. I worry that the Nether Fluctuation is a trap as I don’t really want them that close to the enemy if I can help it. Casting from a distance seems much nicer option!

This is more so as they can make a great bodyguard target if you play them in a support role hiding behind a heavy hitter who is being constantly healed. I actually think I would use one of these in most lists to the extent of being auto-included (nearly) possibly even over the dreaded trapper.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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