Well WAAC seems to have started bubbling along 🙂

The #WAACChallenge

Buy a cheap model, paint it, sell it on the difference goes to WAAC nice simple easy!! What are you waiting for???

Ah yes link to the RULES there you go..

#WAAC Salamanders

The fun of building a 40k army is a serious one, especially when an idea for a raffle explodes and you are nearly at 2000points!!

Help is still wanted so if you want to take part go pester @EvilKipper on Twitter or head on over to his blog. HERE.

#WAAC Dice

Will be happening again I just need to sort some more bits out 🙂

Guild Ball

Has started to ship to the KS backers but also is starting to appear as retail as well. This has me pretty excited to be fair, although I didn’t back them I can see me picking up a faction (or 2)With the Alchemists being the faction of choice. Love the imaginary of them!


Well didn’t see that coming from GW (I know rumours have been around for a while but you know RUMOURS). We are getting some AdMech to add to all the Imperium stuff, have to admit will be cool with a Knight and these guys together, maybe add in some Storm Troopers as hired help for them as well. Bugger don’t need ideas like that :S

Will it be a full codex I will be very interested to see

Hobby This Week

I have nearly done Month 2 of #ToMB2, which means I have been painting the odd other bits from Neverborn to getting my backside in gear and may start painting some Mercs (don’t tell Kev).

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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