The #WAACChallenge

Some may have seen the £5 challenge done previously the concept is simple buy a model cheaply from a bidding site, paint it up, sell it on. Any profit you make from doing it goes into the WAAC pot 🙂

So some rules as we all need rules otherwise we all descend into Hobby ADD!!

  • Buy a model cheaply, can be any model any genre, system, age, condition. Doesn’t matter where from as long as you can screen shot when you bought/won the model.
  • You then have 6 weeks (to allow for postage) to paint it. It does not need to be sold at the point BUT does need to be for sale.
  • Anything you can make above the original cost (ignoring postage) goes to WAAC.
  • Make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs as a way to share the challenge but also there may be prizes for the biggest % difference (free models is cheating though 😉 )or original idea.
  • Donations to go here please WAAC2015

Optional Rules

  • Doesn’t need to be one model you could do a squad or even an army if you are mad enough BUT the cost per model needs to be less than £5.
  • If you miss the 6 week deadline (and it is not Royal Mails fault) then you have to add 1p per day late.
  • You can change your personal deadline as well. As long as we see proof of a start and end date
  • You can do it more than once if you wish other the coming months.

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