So with the new spoils from Wyrd about the future releases, my eyes they begin to wander. So to help me feel better (stop judging) I have gone through all the factions to work out some stats about my master counts! These numbers work with context that I don’t use any of the cross-over masters in both factions only in one of them.

  • Guild & Ressers – 0 own of the 7
  • Arcanists – 2 own of the 7; Marcus and Rasputina
  • Outcasts – 4 own of the 7; Von Schill, Viks, Tara and Levi (both are proxy/count-as models)
  • 10T – 5 own of the 7; Misaki, Mei Feng, Lynch, Yan Lo and McCabe
  • Neverborn – 2 own of the 7; Lilith and Pandora
  • Gremlins – 4 own of the 7; Ophelia, Somer, Zorida and (Wong although no crew for him)

So of 49 possible masters I own 17 masters so that is only 35% of possibilities. Of the 39 unique masters I have 43%.

Of the 17 I have not played with Zorida, Tara and Levi, which needs to be adjusted. Zorida will happen soon as I am interested how she works in Gremlins. Tara and Levi are ‘count-as’ masters so I still need to work on them to have a crew usable. But again not far away either.

What about the masters that interest me?

So easy one is Gremlins which gives me a full faction and the aim is for them to be full (7/7). While ressers we can ignore as I have no interest in them (0/7), likewise with 10T I am not that interested in Shenlong so have no desire to have 10T at full faction but depends on how much I want to use Sensei Yu (5/7).

Guild I have only ever really had one love at that is Ms Flame, Sonnia. However she has similarities with Wong and Raspy, so doubt I will ever fall into Guild (0/7).

Neverborn I am only looking at Dreamer but he at least has plenty of crossover with Pandora and gives me some fun basing possibilities, however I have had plenty of times to pick him up and never really gone for it. I think I need to put him in the same category as Sonnia in love the idea not sure I will take the plunge (2/7).

Outcasts I have plenty of coverage but there is one master I really want and that is Jack Daw. Tried once or twice and love him. Tara and Levi are very much me playing around with unique ‘count-as’ models over solid uses (5/7)

Finally Arcanists, the reason for all this (and the hobby wobble) I only have 2 possible likes, Ironsides an interesting idea I am interested to see how she works. Colette and her crazy scheme marker ‘fun’ is another possible however I don’t think I can at the moment deal with her madness she plays (3/7).

So what does this mean as far as number go? Well scarily even with the those add-ons I am at 45% for all possible masters. While with the unique masters puts me at 56%.

Which possibly suggests I have a problem….BUT I would only have 1 full faction and 2 factions that are pretty full. The outcasts seem to have happened by accident rather than design like 10T.

While Arcanists will be very much be the 3 masters (perhaps I will drop in Mei if the urge takes me) while Neverborn are the 2 ladies with perhaps the Crone and the gambler dropping in if I feel the need.

I actually feel better Knowing that I will only be insane with 1 faction, while the rest I can claim no interest or only specific master interest. Thank you for listening to these ramblings..


WFB is dead…Long live WFB or something like that…

Hobby This Week

Work continues with month 2 of #ToMB2, I am v close to having my bits painted 🙂 while my count as Tara work also keeps going.

Hobby ADD has been strong this month so I may start jumping around again soon. HELP ME!!

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2 thoughts on “Beared-itorial

  1. Malifaux does a good job of encouraging/tempting/mesmerizing a person into dipping into multiple kits/factions. My wife and I’ve only been playing for about a month (though partially that’s due to so much of what we ordered from our LGS still not having arrived, almost two months on) but we already have several Masters picked out, if not assembled. I jumped on Lynch immediately, and would have Mei Feng by now because I was into her even earlier; like you, I’m very into Jack Daw and keep juggling the issue of picking him up now and rebuying the plastic or just trying to distract myself until a kit becomes available. I’ve also had some great games with proxied Hamelin, and he’s the first horde-style army I’ve ever really embraced playing–Daemons in 40k might support a horde, but that’s not how I play them.

    I was surprised that my wife leapt off of Rasputina as quickly as she did, though, given that she usually likes a ranged sniper type. I got her a solid look at the Hired Swords box, though, and she was all over that–the playstyle they support definitely feels more demanding than ‘Tina’s, but she’s taken to it with a will and a ton of natural affinity.

    You mentioned having Wong even though he’s boxless…do you play him at all, and if so, what’s he get paired with?

    1. Only played Wong couple of times. But the magical ability he hands out is death on wheels. In something like Gracie it will destroy anything on Ram trigger you are doing 5 damage on a min!!!!

      Burt works well for crackerjack timing and the assistant is great for stacking the deck for wong.
      Lenny is good in most builds for the guarantee of Rams.

      After that Trixie is worth a look as ia Sammy. The lightning bugs obviously work well but really with Wong after a couple of must haves the faction is you oyster 😉

      Also welcome to the collectors guild of malifaux. Gotta catch them all..

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