Bayou Bear – Lightning Bugs

What do gremlins really need? Wizards with zappy wands…. It’s the Lightning Bugs


They are pretty average across the board (read: good for a gremlin) with a decent number of wounds for the cost of them.


On to their abilities;

Blast Resistant – Reduces damage taken from blasts and pluses, very situational BUT not as much with certain builds.

Reckless – More blasty fun? Rude not too…

Knock It Off! – When they take damage from a blast/pulse they can take 1 wound to take a 1 ap action after resolution. This is actually pretty good with the blast resistance as you can take the same number of wounds you expect but get a free ap out of it.

Attack Actions

Magic Blasty Stick – Ca action with a great stat and also can be used at range or melee. The damage is not spectacular but it does ignore Armour as standard, as well as must declare a trigger.

  • To the Kneecaps – Crows – Hands out slow after damaging.
  • The Green Wrath – Rams – All models close to the target most pass a low TN Df duel or suffer some damage. Like a baby Wong but not as reliant due to the low TN on it.
  • Yippie – Masks – Opposite to the above it hands out a healing are around target…this is both good and bad as you can heal your own stuff but also your opponents.
Tactical actions

Leave it to Luck – His 0 action, that needs any to get off. All models close by treat Masks as having a higher number while Tomes count as being lower. Which can help all those who like Masks for their triggers as well as hurt those that like tomes for tiggers. Double-edged sword…

Tinkerin’ With the Unknown – 0 action that lets you place a card face down for the bug in question (discarding if he leaves play) and at the end of the turn, you reveal the card and apply 1 of the following depending on the suit:

  • Crows – All models close by including the bug take some damage.
  • Tomes – Make an interact action, if legal.
  • Rams – All models close by heal 1 damage.
  • Masks – All models close by must pass a Wk duel or gain slow.

They are an interesting minion to have around, clearly they work well with Wong and all his blasts and such. They are also a cheap choice to deal with incorporeal and armour which is good to have around especially as they have a decent Ca level on the attack.. They are a blast 😉 to play as they are so unpredicted to your opponent but you get some control over what they actual do..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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