Thunderbear – Mr Graves

Everyone needs some protection so you may as well have a bouncer come with you to the battlefield and none are better at it than Mr Graves..


He is a big guy with big guy stats which means he is pretty easy to hit, cover is important for him on the run up to squish things. HE can at least move OK and his Cg is not bad either. Be very wary of his height it can be diffcilut to hide him. But for the price he is not bad at all.


On to his abilities;

Black Blood – Means things that too close will suffer while he does but is also easy to get round with bigger reach on attacks. But don’t be afraid to get close to something that is already damaged and dare your opponent to hit him with other stuff with threat of free damage elsewhere.

Hard to Kill – As he has no Df triggers this at least makes him bit more survivable.

Armor +1 – Bit more defensive abilities but like H2K there is stuff out there that easily by-passes it

Ruthless – Immune to Wp duels during his activation means he can ignore all those Horror and Manipulative abilities out there.

Attack Actions

Show Ya the Door – Again decent Ml (that needs any 7 to achieve TN) it pushes target a huge distance then moves himself into base contact. Unfortunately he can only do it once against a friendly model but it is worth it as you move the same as a lot of models charge.

  • And Stay Out! – Rams – After succeeding you get a free Fence Post attack. Just to add injury to insult.
Tactical Action

Keeping the Peace – needs a 5 of Masks any enemy model with range which declare a Charge must pass a WP duel or it fails, which is huge against a lot of models as they don’t need to target him or trying to charge out of the bubble. Great ability to annoy the opposition.


Great tanky model that has some decent pushes in his arsenal, both as a way of pushing your models but also your opponents.

He has some natural synergy with Mr Tannen which makes sense from a fluff stand point. As for masters he works well with all (both 10T and NB) as he is all-round a good mood to have..

6 thoughts on “Thunderbear – Mr Graves

  1. Nice summary. I find it quite hard to put Mr Graves in most crews – his main draw (for me) is pushing your own slow heavy hitters forward. But by the time you’ve got (e.g.) Izamu and Mr Graves then you’re compromising the rest of your crew.

    Ironically, with Ruthless he’s pretty effective at killing Mr Tannen if they end up on opposing crews.

    1. Find he is great in a denial list with mei. She drops double vent steam and he starts pushing her around 🙂

  2. That’s a really interesting use for Mr Graves that I hadn’t considered. Do you find it commits you to bunching up heavily? My feeling (without testing of course) is that it could be useful against heavy shooting lists in Turf War / Guard the Stash. Though my experience with Mei Feng is that she doesn’t really need a lot of help moving around.

    1. Say someone drops Sonnia 😉 then she would need to focus and spend soulstone if I double vent. With it being a 4″ bubble she can take crew anywhere regardless of cover. Then unleash her when i am ready.

      1. You would need to be careful against Sonnia in particular as she’ll get a positive flip against targets with WP6 or higher like Mei Feng herself. Depending on how things are positioned (and how much is huddling under the cloud) it might be worth the focus or soulstone to start some blasts rolling over the crew. Vent Steam is really tricky to balance hiding in it versus spreading out against Rasputina, Wong and Sonnia.

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