Well busy week this week, Wyrd continue to spoil us with new artwork this time Gluttony part of the deadly sins band. Not very Gremlin-esque to fit in the faction, but cool regardless.

The beta for wave 3 is now finished as well, so not long now till we see the new book….Gencon isnt that far away is it? is it?!


Shiny cover is shiny.


Should be interesting in Reckoning as I have heard that this is the end of the current story arc which is exciting. But then so is what looks like Denny riding a warjack….and  powering up her jacks!! So Denny3 as a Jackcaster anyone? The question is what will Haley3 be riding?

Also Zerkova the ice cream lady of doom appears to have some bodyguards to help her out. I love it when we can make wild assumptions part of the fun of being a wargamer being fed scraps..

Bolt Action in 15mm

Been playing around with the idea of using the FoW starter set that I have never quite gotten round to doing anything with and taking leap into Bolt Action at a smaller scale.

I have already seen it is pretty easy to have the infantry on individual bases and take it from there. If I can’t do skirmish may as well do small 😉


Seen the spoilers for Archaon. WOW!! THe changes towards 9th edition are going to be interesting to see after this!!

Hobby This Week

Work starts on month 2 of #ToMB2 and I have been chopping up models to make up my count-as Tara crew which is coming along nicely..

I have also started painting Eldar again after a while felt it was time to add more paint, as currently I have only have about 750pts painted with no HQs done.

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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