Thunderbear – Wastrel

The guys whom always seem wasted…..Sorry cant think of anything clever to say! Anyway new Thunderbear article looking at the Wastrels.


They are cheap minions that have stats to match, rubbish Df and average Wp with not many wounds mean they will die to a semi-stiff breeze..


On to his abilities;

Swagger – Allows him to get the Defensive Condition if all he does is walk during the game.

Ruthless – Makes him immune to Wp duels during his activation, which nice when you consider Horror and such things.

Bravado – Allows you to discard a card to add the suit to your total. Randomly if you have McCabe around with his Upgrade card swapping then if you do Bravado you can draw card if you have an upgrade on him.

Attack Actions

Gang Weapons – Average Ml attack that does very low damage (healing flip damage). He should not be in combat but he does get a nice trigger.

  •  And then he just strolled away.-Mask- Allows you to push him a short distance in any direction, which at least lets you get him out of combat easily.

Pocket Handgun – Average Sh attack that does slightly better damage than the Ml weapon but does come with a built-in positive flip on the attack.

  • A fiver says I can do it again..- Mask – If you damage then he gains the Focus Condition for free.
Tactical Action

Cast-offs – An unusual ability as it will eat both AP for the wastrel it however only needs a 6 to succeed. To start with is it heals the target by 2 or you can remove all upgrades on the Wastrel to the model (again something that currently only works on McCabe). What makes it more interesting is the number of different triggers this action has (links in with Bravado).

  • Soulstone Bullet – Rams – Allows for a free Pocket Handgun attack which does better weak damage and some blasts.
  • Strangemetal Shiv – Tomes – Allows a free Gang Weapons attack which does +1 damage and also hands out slow. This is a problem as they need to be Ml range which means having survived some sort of attacks first!
  • Petrified Feather – Crows – Grants some crazy speed as he can be placed into base contact with a friendly Scheme Marker afar way away.
  • Elixir of Life – Masks – Heals himself.

What an unusual model, I understand that they are seen as probably the poor choice generally from the 4 point level when you have to compete with Tengu and Low River Monks. However they do have some interesting abilities, healing is always nice and they can be harder to take down then on first look with Swagger. McCabe probably helps them the most with the upgrade fun and games, however they would compete with other stuff for his upgrades and actually keeping up with him.

Lynch with the Ace in Hole ability does mean they can get what you need from Cast-Off when you need it.

A tough call for these guys to make it into a list BUT they do have some interesting possibilities. If anything some healing is always good.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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