Thunderbear – Stitched Together

Everyone needs something cuddly to well cuddle and the old ones are usually the best, although maybe not in this case. They are some what Stitched Together…..

This is a Thundbear article but maybe a nod towards other articles in the future for NB aka Neverbear 😉


Their stats are not great low Df, average Wp and also not very fast which is a shame. They do have decent number of wounds for the price..


On to thier abilities;

Hard to Kill – As they has no Df triggers this at least makes him bit more survivable.

Eternal Nightmare – An interesting ability that grants them reactivate when they get down to their last wound. Does mean they can be pretty scary with an activation..

Rotten Contents – Not a defensive ability per se but a deterrent in that every time it takes damage you flip a card and if it is a Crow then all models close by take some damage. So a little like black blood..

Attack Actions

Hooks – Average Ml 5 attack which is low damage but you will generally be using his other attacks…

Gamble Your Life – His big attack, it comes with a decent Ca and targets Df, the range is not big but not too bad. The damage track is great considering the little twist this attack has.

Whoever fails takes damage which means you can end up taking the damage but also it is a straight (uncheatable) flip for damage regardless of the positive/negative flips the damage flip could have been at.

A Game of Chance – A Ca ability targeting Wp, which has to target an enemy model. The winner of the duel gets to 2 cards and then discards one card. Which is a nice way of cycling your hand if you win although you can only do this once per turn. The triggers are also make it a bit more win-win for yourself:

  • Heads, I Win – Crow – After succeeding the target has to discard a card, which means you get a positive swing on the hand numbers. You gain they lose..
  • Tails, You Lose – Crow – After failing, you get to draw a card, which means you get to draw a card regardless.
Tactical Action

Creepy Fog – A 0 action that needs any 7 to achieve that creates a bubble of soft cover which is very handy protecting against shooting on the approach in.


For the cost of them I really like them admittedly I am looking at them as an addition to Lynch crew in 10T but they are great for him 🙂 Yes they are slow but plenty of pushes to help with this (as is true in NB). But with some movable soft cover against shooting means they can help protect both Lynch and Huggy. Their big job is Gamble your life but don’t forget about a game of chance as well.

4 thoughts on “Thunderbear – Stitched Together

  1. Love these guys, stone for stone my favorite model in my pool. They’re one of the few models that have a flowchart:

    Are you in range to Gamble?
    – If no, then walk to Gamble range. Back to top.
    – If yes, Gamble.
    Do you have activations left?
    – If yes, is your target still alive?
    – If yes, Gamble.
    – If no, then walk to where you can gamble next activation or where you can be pushed. Back to top.
    – If no, then Creepy Fog.

    1. Yes, only used with 10T Lynch so only run the one in games. But they punch above their weight a lot! If only I liked Collodi more.

  2. My personal best is 8 on the table by turn 2 with the Dreamer. Between daydreams and the Widow Weaver, you can really move those guys across the table.

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