#ToMB2 Month 2

As always to keep up to date what everyone else is doing make sure you have a look for links and whatnot HERE.

So that was Month 1 completed, models done and games played 🙂 which has given as nice base to move forward with month 2.

So what am I going to be adding, well after the forums/social media I let others pick so it isn’t my fault when I fail;

  • Strongarm Suit
  • Bishop

Based on where I get my models that comes in at roughly £15 which is nice…

So what this adds is some serious melee hitting power. Which should give me a bit more balance with the heavy shooting I can kick out form month 1. However both are rocking in at 10 points so my lists are going to be much smaller if I decide to take both in a list (lets be honest I will just because).

So making so choices I am going to go with the following list to start with as a trial (regardless of strats and schemes as a test).

  • Von Schill; Survivalist, Shirt Comes Off – Cache 4
  • 2 Trappers
  • Librarian
  • Korpsmen
  • Bishop; Oathkeeper
  • SAS

This is very different to the list I started with in Month 1 with its 9 models so interesting to see how things go. As I have lost 2 activations overall but gained 2 big hitters (one that has some shooting around anyway).

I have kept the trappers as they make such great deterrents, while the Librarian is just excellent as keeping models going. I may struggle with only 1 Korpsmen for scheme running but we shall see. I have also sacrified Oathkeeper on Von Schill for slightly bigger cache as the idea of Bishop with 4AP for a turn is too fun not to try..

On the plus side only 2 models to paint 🙂

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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