Bayou Bear – Mancha Roja

The bell rings the crowd goes mad and a big green specimen enters to rock music wearing a rather fetching mask and understated cape….

Time for Bayou Bear to look at Mancha Roja, the Gremlin, The myth, The Leg End.


He has surprising good Df for a Ht3 model so clearly he has been learning for the other Luchadors… His Wp is average but also not bad for Gremlins and he has a healthy amount of Wds while his Wk is average BUT Cg is the same which is unusual on a melee monster more on that later..


On to his abilities;

Melee Expert – Additional AP for whacking stuff? Why not 🙂

Rebound – An unusual ability but that can surprise a lot of people. His Cg itself is pretty rubbish BUT with this it makes him terrifying. Yes it requires some set-up to get him into base contact with some impassable terrain. But when it increases his Cg range to more than double its normal level things get silly..

Hard to Wound – Always handy considering lack of defensive triggers.

Attack Actions

Grapple – Decent Ml which also has OK damage spread although suffers a little on the weak but rest is impressive. Then what makes him pretty scary is the many different triggers;

  • Crushing Strike – Rams – Grants positive flip for damage based on each Ram in the total.
  • Arm Lock – Tomes – Grants the following condition – Fracture, which causes negative flips to Df
  • Pile Driver – Masks – Forces Df duel and if they fail they gain Paralyze, which links with;
  • Finisher – Crows – If target is Paralyzed then kill the target, no discarding like Misaki and the like. This is straight out kill (unless they can stop the damage).

Whacked With a Gremlin – This is a 2 AP action that has same stats as Grapple but has increased reach and also does better damage. However this time the weak is very nice but above that it doesn’t grant more damage than 2 Grapples. He does have built in trigger;

  • SMACK! – Tomes – Push the target in any direction. Great on getting stuff out of the way.
Tactical actions

Challenge – His first 0 action that means enemy models must pass a Wp duel if they are trying to target another model but this one. If they fail the action fails which can be very nasty!!

One Thousand Masks – Second 0 action that grants certain things based on the card discarded;

  • Masks – Increase his walk to amazing, great early game, means on normal deployment he can be opponents side of the table turn 1 and can still hit something.
  • Crows – Immune to Slow and Paralyzed, which helps against lots of terrifying and certain models in general.
  • Tomes – increases his Df to make it to master level
  • Rams – Means he hits as well as Lilith

It’s a tough choice which to take sometimes but get it right and you will have a happy wrestler..


Mud toss – Costs 1ss and grants an extra Attack action:

Tossed in the Mud – Needs any 6 to achieve and is resisted by Wp – It ends 1 condition on the target. As this is both defensive and offensive it makes for some interesting choices..

  • Mud Bucket – Tomes – Allows you to target a friendly Gremlin to take 1 point of damage to take the action again.

Extra Gremlin – Costs 2ss and grants an trigger on the Whacked With a Gremlin action.

  • Whacked With Two Gremlins – Rams – Allows you take the action again against the same target.

For pure hilarity he has to be in some lists, he is giant gremlin wrestler come one!! His Cg range is scary with the right set up but when it happens very little is going to be out of range!

Timing it right he can hit better than anything in gremlins and with the right cards he can actually take anything off the board no arguments. This will make him a priority target (like most of the high costed gremlin models) so protection is key.

But if you can live the dream of Arm Lock into Pile Driver to Finisher you will be laughing, your opponent wont but you will..

He can fit in most crews without question just take him DO IT!!

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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