#ToMB2 vs #ToMB2

Got a ToMB2 game recently against the good man GPG.

You can check out the little write-up he did here; ToMB2: First Game.

Check out his conversions using the TTB kits, loving his Cassandra work 🙂

But now for my thoughts, first his crew and Ironsides. I can see the potential of her, he was just unlucky dealing with a fast Von Schill turn 1 and then me winning initiative turn 2 to finish her off. But the Captain WOW I need this guy in my Arcanist crews he is very nasty and well worth a look if you havent already!

Von Schill – Beasted Ironsides (flukey it has to be said) and made a nuisance of himself. If I had realised that the mages did not have H2K and that I wasnt playing Cursed Object (spent so long jumping between taking assassinate and cursed object that I ended up setting that up instead of just killing).

Shirt off upgrade is amazing but can’t be relied on to get the Horror duels to come off.

Trunk – Used much better this game allowing one of the Trappers to heal. Could have been more useful if more Burning had been on the board. But much better use as an activation in this game.

Librarian – A great bodyguard target if she is being played in her support role. She got Von Schill up and running again and generally stayed out-of-the-way.

Trappers – As before the threat of the trapper was scarier than the actual trapper. One did manage to take an Ironsides charge on the chin

Korpsmen  – My scheme runners in these first few lists and I have to say they may some use than a void wretch depending on points. By the end of the game one had claimed 3 squat markers while the other claimed another and acted as a road block. I am finding that their 0 action is a little more situational depending on how I choose to use them.

Specialist – Still struggling to get full use out of him. I think I am using him far too defensively I need to be more aggresive. Not sure why to be honest, he doesnt seem to be working for me at the moment. I will continue to try but think he may be dropped in month 2 for something new and shiny.

6 thoughts on “#ToMB2 vs #ToMB2

  1. “Shirt Off” is one of my favorite abilities in the game from a pure flavor perspective. Right up there with “Palm Side.” You mention the threat of Trappers being greater than their actual effect; how do you value such things in terms of spending for them? Like, how would you convert a “scary in theory” model’s value versus spending those SS on something that actually achieves on the table?

    1. Simplest way I can say it, is the trappers are seen as v scary so know one wants to give them LoS to a model. With that in mind careful postioning means you dictate where things go. In this game no-one wanted to go near central trapper. Except Ironsides who in the end didnt do the job due to Armour.
      So threat was deemed high enough for a master to come in swinging which left master unsupported. That was worth more than 6ss to me in this game. Admittedly the otherone didnt do much except guard markers for me. But again between them they helped lock down 7 VP. While only actually removing one model off the board.

      1. So, in a rematch situation against the same opponent, do you bank on them performing better than expected and buy ’em up again, or treat them as a trick piece (like a surprise sideboard or pre-sideboard card in Magic) and swap them out?

        1. Depends on the board and strategy and schemes honestly. V busy board leaves less firing lanes for them. While lots of scheme marker drops effects them as i cant focus as well so limits my range. Lots of things to consider but they would be in most lists I think.

          1. Thanks for the replies! Helpful to get a handle for how people think about their crews, as I’ve got most of my experience in bigger-modelcount games of Warhammer at this point. Always trying to learn strategies so I can refine and distill the concepts for teaching purposes.

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