Thunderbear – Mr Tannen

After the muscle we need the little mouthy one to deal with, so its Mr Tannen


Average Df but OK WP means he isn’t too bad for a 6 point model BUT he is slow and has no Cg as well (not that he should be charging). The pushes that help speed him up will be very useful for the little guy..


On to his abilities;

Manipulative – Helps keep him save, the TN is not the highest but most things will need at least a 7 to pass usually so can mean he is slightly harder to target.

Cooler – An amazing ability, which forces an enemy model to discard a card to cheat fate while near him. This will eat through a fate hand so quick. Does make him a target and also easy prey at range so be careful.

Unimpeded – He is slow but at least he doesn’t get tripped up by terrain (small advantages).

Attack Actions

Pocket Knife – Low Ml attack with low damage output. You shouldn’t be using this unless you need to shift something and he is your last activation!

Bore to Tears – A decent Ca action with OK range that does low damage but hands out the codition Bored until after it next activates. What this does is lower both Wk and Cg stats which is very nasty as it will really slow down a lot of models…It also comes with 2 very nice triggers..

  • Yawn – Mask Mask – So only needs an extra Mask but if you are trying to take out a master or Henchmen it is worth throwing a high card to get. It gives the Blocked condition which stops the model using Soulstones, which is huge lets be honest!!
  • This One Is Yours.. – Mask – This is built in and allowsyou to push Mr. Graves towards the model which in turn pays back his push as well.
Tactical Action

Leave it to Luck – His 0 action, that needs any to get off. All models close by treat Masks as having a higher number while Tomes count as being lower. This obivouoly helps anyone who likes Masks for triggers. But bear in mind that you want to activate this early. Which means unless Graves can get his right trigger then you lose part of Tannens defensive abilities in Manipulative.

So, What Brings You To These Parts…? – Another ability to really annoy you opponent as he can give himself the Chatty condition, which means no interact actions near him.


A truly annoying model that is very much different to his bigger buddy. He can in theory shut down so much of your opponents schemes/strat work that he will have a huge bullseye on him so make sure you try and protect him.

Any master will like him, obviously Lynch loves him but so will Mei Feng as well (she likes her triggers).

2 thoughts on “Thunderbear – Mr Tannen

  1. I’m excited to get both of the Misters, and paint them up like a pair of DnD characters I and a friend used to run. Does his ability to mess with Arcanists matter enough for him to stand up to their blasty nature?

  2. He has to be close for it to effect anything so becomes a balancing act. As he will die to blast damage as it bypasses his manipulative

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