Thunderbear – Pathfinder

A touch of lurking involved with this Thunderbear article as the Pathfinder hides in the undergrowth.. .


They come in with reasonable stats for their price, decent Df and average Wp and Wk. While they also have decent number of wounds which he needs considering his role..


On to his abilities;

From the Shadows – Deploy him almost anywhere to take advantage of his gun straight away.

Scavenge Supplies – Once per turn, when a model is killed close by you can draw a card and then discard a card. Which is great as stuff will die near him generally.

Attack Actions

Skinning Knife – A low Ml attack that does relatively low damage (generally he shouldn’t be using this if he can help it). One thing to not with this attack and his musket is he adds 1 to his total for each Clockwork Trap close to the target. What this means is if a max amount of traps nearby he could hit better than the likes of Lilith and LadyJ would need a lot of set up BUT possibility is there.

Hunting Musket – Average Sh attack which has good range and reasonable damage track with added blasts from medium damage up. Again Clockwork Traps help boost the hitting ability of this as well as being able to ignore them when shooting into engagement. He has the Ram built into his stat but still needs an addition suit for his triggers:

  • Precise Shot – Ram Mask – The Attack ignores H2W and Armor. This is always handy to have around especially with Arcanists and Ressers (imagine it with Kang).
  • In the Vitals – Ram Crow – Hands out slow.
Tactical Action

Set the Trap – One of his 0 actions for a 6 of tomes you can summon a Clockwork Trap, which is nice as it saves you 2 points..

Reset Trap – His second 0 action that allows you to move a Clockwork Trap a decent distance from its current location.

These are both good 0 actions but obviously it means you have limited resources with either moving or creating the traps. Could be a tough call in certain games.

So now be rude not to look at the Clockwork Trap at the same time really..

So they are cheap and you can have 4 of them around. There stats are unusual in that they can’t move (pushes/placements if a set distance are fine), while their Df is average and Wp is decent. They don’t have a lot of wounds though which is fair enough. They do however come with Armour +2 which at least helps with the low wounds.

Apart from their ability to help the pathfinder they do come with an attack Trapping Jaw which is an average Ml attack with low damage.

However they never activate if an enemy model is moved/pushed/placed within range they can attack once. This is not a once a turn thing so if enemies keep walking they will keep getting bit.

The damage is not the big thing for them however. They get a trigger on crows Clamp Shut which gives a condition Clamped on which last till the end of the next turn! If enemy begins an activation in base contact then place the trap in base contact at the end of the activation. This can be very annoying for opponent especially with something like Seamus! Back Alley as much as you want this trap is not going anywhere..

What further compounds this is the Clamp Down ability which means when enemies begin the activation in melee range of a trap they have to take a Wk duel which will require a pretty high card for anything but the speedy models. If they fail they receive slow which is nasty on top of everything else.


So between them they do work well with anyone as generally the Pathfinder can be a loner and as such doesn’t need to buff just be a pain! Which the traps boost as the are just a ball of annoying. Such a shame they are not constructs as would be hilarious with Mei Feng 😉

I have become a fan of using him with Yan Lo as anyone who has used Lightning Dance knows the traps just become a little bit meaner. But also they make excellent targets for Yan to increase his Chi with (hitting them for severe damage or them being killed by the enemy).

Plus with the various pushes and relatively easy access to focus (Shenlong, Yu, Toshiro) the Pathfinder makes his gun even nastier.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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