Thunderbear – Chiaki the Niece

The girl who seems happy to be followed around by her great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandad, its Chiaki the Niece on the Thunderbear articles.


She doesn’t not have the greatest of stats; Low Df, average Wp she has a decent number of wounds. Overall nothing exceptional but she is a bit less directly confrontational than others. Plus she is a pretty nice price for what she does as we will see..


On to her abilities;

Manipulative – Causes a Wp duel if you want to hit her with an attack action before she activates.

Innocence – She can move all conditions on her to a friendly Ancestor model she means she can keep herself going well. Epecially if something like Izamu can take the damage from burning etc. better than her.

Incorporeal – Always nice as she has no defensive triggers.

All these abilities help protect her BUT they are easily worked around by various opponents so don’t rely on them to keep her save..

Attack Actions

Sacred Knife – Low Ml 4 and rubbish damage. If you are using this something has gone wrong or you hoping for her to ping the last point of damage off something..

The Calling – A 0 action that has average Ca ability targeting Wp, the damage track is also low but it also hands out Insignificant till she next activates or she dies. Interesting her trigger makes these better during the game;

  • Memory in Song – Tomes – Adds Chi Condition to her that boosts her Ca.

Memories Past – Needs any 7 to succeed and is resisted on Wp, allows you to remove 1 condition from target. This is one of powerful abilities it also has a handy trigger;

  • The Cleansing Death – Rams – Heal the target as well.
Tactical Action

Purity – Needs any 7 to succeed and all enemies in range must succeed on a Wp duel or be pushed 4″ away from this model.

  • Face in the Crowd – Masks – The trigger reactivates the Manipulative ability.

Pull of the grave – This costs 1SS and adds another Attack action:

Pull of the Grave – An average Ca attack against Wp, it hands out Slow to the target.

  • Relentless Beckoning – Masks – This trigger allows her to take the action again.

She makes a great support piece, with the condition removal and healing. She doesn’t really want to be on the frontlines but thankfully she can be behind the big hitters just pinging away conditions as and when needed.

She can be useful in most crews as she also makes an OK scheme runner as she can keep moving and ignores some stuff due to incorporeal.

She works well with all masters but 2 that approve of her are: obvious one is Yan Lo for the theme point of view but also she can give the Chi she generates to Yan Lo to help him really start churning out the Chi..

The other is McCabe who enjoys hitting stuff that is already slowed so her Upgrade works well with this.


2 thoughts on “Thunderbear – Chiaki the Niece

  1. Good overview. Her Incorporeal makes her a great scheme runner for the cost, and she’s also a decent Bodyguard target if you pick a couple of other possibilities and provide plenty of threats in the rest of your crew.

    1. That is something I need to do more, which is use enforcers as bodyguard targets. In too much of a habit of lumping on a henchmen

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