Beared-itorial 2015

The big news is obviously the new Colossals and Harlequins.


New engines of destruction on the same chassis makes perfect sense for PP and have to admit I like the look of most of them. Wished they had been more different just to help differentiate from the wave1 colossals.

Although from a production (real and fluff) stand point it makes sense to use the same frame. Will be interesting to see these in hard plastic (I assume) and I am sure the rules will be exciting. Sadly the one I am more likely to pick up in the new CoC one I am not a fan of. The change is not enough for me and the new hands are really disappointing.


Wow was not expecting a ‘full-ish’ release for them. 2 units, transport and character releases as well as a Codex is a bit stunning if I am honest. Very tempted to pick them up at some point if I can drag myself away from painting Malifaux stuff..


Speaking of Malifaux…Wyrd have re-promised the Brewmaster kit!!! With new renders being seen in the Chronicles. Here is hoping we actually see more Gremlins soon I miss my little guys.


The other interesting news is that Spartan Games have got themselves the Halo license which is pretty dam big really!! We have already seen fleet based game being spoilt, hopefully we will see a ground based game as well. I want a warthog 😉

Hobby This Week

Work continues on my #ToMB2 Outcasts been really enjoying the change in pace from the 10T both playing and also painting.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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