After Battle Thoughts – #ToMB2

Catch up with ToMB2 and I have played a couple of games with the Man Von Schill and here is a very quick rundown as my memory is something something…

Played the Boss Joel Henry and his nasty Neverborn with Lilith leading the way. His list was roughly Lilith plus upgrades, 2 illuminated, 2 Depleted, Kade, Primordial Magic and Killjoy.

While my list was the month 1 list as seen HERE.

Strats and schemes were: Turf War – Distract, Bodyguard, Take Prisoner, Murder Protégé

I took ALiTS and Take Prisoner (Lilith), while Joel took Murder Protégé (Specialist) and Bodyguard (Killjoy).

This was the first time I have played against Lilith and I have only used her a couple of times myself. So I was not expecting her speed (and forgot about her LoS ignoring) and my poor choices of From the Shadow did mean I didn’t get a lot out of the Trappers.

The first big thing was the lack of Defensive triggers on the Korps it is something I have never noticed before and it feels odd to be dependent on Armour and the Suit. In the end I lost 10-7 although it wasn’t a close match.

Highlights included the right flank of Kade, one illuminated and Killjoy eventually eating their way through a Trapper, Korpsman and Librarian. By the end of the game there was only Killjoy present.. It actually worked out better for Joel, as Killjoy was left to twindle his thumbs making Bodyguard VP.

Others include Von Schill not able to kill a depleted from range despite a RJ damage, this in the end meant I couldn’t restrict Joel on the Strategy, which is a shame. But he made up for it by doing the job later in combat and casually walking into B2B with Lilith at the end of turn 5 for the Take Prison points.

Thankfully we didn’t play out turn 6 🙂

So what did I take away from this, lets take each model in turn from my original 50 point list for month 1.

Von Schill – Tough cookie to take down with so many different ways to heal. Didn’t really get to see his manoeuvrability this game. This was down to how I played the Trunk!

Trunk – Didn’t do anything mainly because it was never in a position to offer its 0 actions to my models. Played very wrong on my part (got in the way of my stuff more than his). Perhaps not the best choice but wanted to try everything I had for month 1.

Korpsmen – For 5 points I like them, pretty quick thanks to unimpeded then on top of the 2 triggers with their knife means they can get into combat and be difficult to shift once at Df7. The 0 action to grant the suit of a discarded card really means they have to be respected as they can hit very hard with critical strike! I like them a lot respect foot solders..

Librarian – Furious casting can hurt anyone and the healing is very nice. Relatively passively played by me. Think I need to decide if I am being a healer or blaster with each Libby during the turn/game.

Trapper – The free push is great to get out of dodge, and they are great ways of making people avoid them as they have to be respected. Do think the threat is greater than the actual damage they can do during a game.

Specialist – Too slow and couldn’t really doing anything before Lilith skewered him. I think I need to work more with him and certainly consider oathkeeper to give him fast and get him where he can start torching stuff before he explodes.

Another not is having only a cache of 2 in this list hurt me a lot, dropping the trunk against a list like Joels would be way forward.

Game 2 was Realfaux :O this time against my usual opponent. He was using Hamelin and the Rat filth. I did tweak my month 1 list to as a nod towards some future purchases (it’s not against the rules right? RIGHT!!)

  • Hamelin- Upgrades
  • Nix
  • RATS
  • Stolen
  • 2 Rat catchers

I went for

  • Von Schill – Oathkeeper, Survivalist, The shirt comes off
  • Librarian
  • 2 Trappers
  • 2 Korpsmen
  • Lazarus – Oath keeper
  • Void Wretch

So only a little tweak really adding in Lazarus for my bodyguard (made huge mistake last game not linking Specialist and Librarian as possible targets for it) and as the Strategy was Reconninter I didn’t want the Trunk around so swapped in a Void Wretch as well!

The schemes picked were Entourage (on both masters), Bodyguard (Lazarus) and Breakthrough for the rats.

I ended up winning 9-8 in the end with my mate making mistake of activation with Hamelin so he got stuck turn one.

Standout point was Von Schill discarding oathkeeper for fast and double charging from Rat catcher to Obedient Wretch to stop her throwing rats. All thanks to Augmented Jump. This also let him get into entourage scoring area as well.

All the time a Trapper was doing a Benny Hill skit with Nix 😀

So thoughts for this list..

Von Schill – He did much more this game, keeping models in his bubble bit more this game. Before he went off charging large distances to chomp things! He also proved difficult to take wounds off as he used Soulstones and his Shirt to heal as well. Plus the Libby helped a little as well later game.

Librarian – Tagged team with Lazrus which I think could really help both of them as it becomes harder to take Lazarus down! While she hides until its time to drop some furious casting!

Trappers – Did far better this game, one keeping the centre of the board covered while another killed a Rat King and made Nix chase him round the board 🙂

Korpsmen – Didn’t act as much as a road block as against Joel but again did well if nothing spectacular. Struggle to get the triggers I needed in combat to make them difficult to shift, but such is the cards.

Lazarus – Did nothing other than kill a rat king and keep out-of-the-way for Bodyguard.

Void Wretch – Helped slow down Nix and Rat King before they went for a Trapper (which they never got in the end).

Overall I am enjoying Von Schill and love the Korps theme but I do think some variation is needed as if I start using Augmented jump better than the rest of them will struggle to keep up and stay in his boosting bubble.

More games to come 🙂

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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