Thunderbear – The Lone Swordsman

Another Thunderbear article this time I am looking at the loner of the group.


He is pretty nice with decent Df and Wp while his Wk and Cg are ok as well. He also has decent number of Wds as well


On to his abilities;

Hard to Kill – As he has no Df triggers this at least makes him bit more survivable.

Bullet Proof – This means he can reduce any Sh action damage which surprisingly is very high and as such means he can take a hit on his way in before he gets close and starts chopping.

Relentless – Means he is immune to Horror duels, which is very handy thing to have against a lot of different crews.

Attack Actions

My Father’s Sword – Decent Ml with nice damage spread although the weak damage is still bit low for someone who is very choppy. He does rock a lot of triggers;

  • The Perfect Cut – Tomes – Allows him to ignore Armor, Hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal on the damage which can be pretty scary.
  • Karmic Strike – Rams – Damage may not be prevented using Soulstones, which against SS users is pretty big if you get a big hit in.
  • One With the Void – Crows – Ignores all negative modifiers to the damage flip.
  • The Sword Knows the Way – Masks – Place the target into base contact with the Swordsman. Nasty if you can pull the model out of/into a scoring area while doing it.

All have some uses but I think most times you will be wanting Tomes or Rams over the other 2..

EDIT: A lot of people have told me Crows is worth it as well to get the cheatable flip on damage. Which is very true, the reason I love Tomes is I have to deal with Ressers a LOT so this has broken me beyond repair 😉

Tactical Action

You Shall Not See Another Sunrise – Interesting 0 action, he discards 2 cards and names enemy Enforcer/Henchman/Master he then gains reactivate. However if he cant kill the target by the end of the turn then sacrifice the Swordsman.

Wander the Earth – A nice free push in any direction for his other 0 action. More likely to happen early game as it means he can be at the midline turn one with this…


Interesting model that brings just pure chopping to the board for 10T. He is a missile that will target one thing a turn and try and make it very dead by the end of the turn. He is surpsingly robust on the approach thanks to H2K and Bullet proff, as well as being faster than expected with the push he can use early turns. I can see him killing more enforcers than henchmen and masters as his damage output can’t be relied upon to do the job against soulstone users (unless you have a lot of good rams).

It is also going to be better to target models that have already activated allowing for 4 possible attacks which should kill most enforcers..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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