#ToMB2 Month 1 – Boot Camp

As always to keep up to date what everyone else is doing make sure you have a look for links and whatnot HERE.

As mentioned I will be starting with the MAN himself Von Schill and as for my ‘purchases’ this month (as it was either a present OR Delboy dealings). Are pretty simple;

  • Von Schill Box set
  • Spare Librarian and Trapper from someone else box.

Which will nicely get me to the £40 allowed, spookily well.

So as 50 SS seems to be the norm for most games these days I figured I would see what I can get in for the what I have got so far.

  • Von Schill – Cache 1
  • Steam Trunk
  • Specialist
  • 2 Trappers
  • 2 Librarians
  • 2 Korpsmen

So that is the all the Month 1 purchases in there and leaves me with 3 SS left for upgrades/Cache. Which is a tough call my initial thoughts are to run Von Schill with Oathkeeper and Survivalist. Yes it leaves me very low on SS to use during a game BUT I have a turn of fast with the big man and he is also hard to kill as well. With 2 librarians offering healing flips in theory I could be looking at 4 wounds a turn that I can get back as a minimum if they are in range of him..

While the Trunk always me to deal with conditions (as well as the Specialist). I also have a decent number of activations. With the Trappers giving long-range damage output and the Korpsmen as my scheme runners.

Overall not a terrible list, which will let me sample all the components of the non-big hitters (Strongarm, Lazrus and Hannah) now to get some games in AND paint them all of course..



6 thoughts on “#ToMB2 Month 1 – Boot Camp

  1. I suspect that like me, there may be a great deal of talk about painting, and a bit of a struggle at the end to achieve it….

    Looks like you’ve got a plan here though. Shall try and get over to your club for a game between our two ToMB crews.

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