Tale of Malifaux Bloggers #ToMB2

Well decided to dip in with other bloggers and give the #ToMB2 a go.

More can be read HERE saves my fingers a little.

As you may know I have Vappa this weekend and as such the end my current journey of 10T love and as we have yet to see ANY new gremlins my hand has been forced into other areas….
So for 2015 I hope to get some Outcast masters down. My aim is to have 3 go to masters as I like that number, no idea why.

So who are they? Well, my first love is Von Schill I can’t say no to a man with a moustache!! Then we have the Viks, I see these as a challenge as they are such glass cannons. Finally a newcomer in Jack Daw his crew speed and mechanic has tickled my hobby spot unfortunately with no crew out yet and a reluctance to build a crew of proxies they may be a vassal only crew till we see new shinies.

My aim for ToMB2 will be to do the standard painting posts I do a lot of but also alongside the Bayou Bear and Thunderbear articles to introduce an outcast variety focusing on the models I will be using.
I am also going to try my hand at battle reports again which havent been seen in a while as they can be tricky with Malifaux with the you-go-I-go activations.

So my first ‘purchase’ for ToMB will be the Von Schill box. Which I have now built but no paint. I do have a paint scheme in mind though for the Freikorps.


This for the uniforms and then for the armour so Hannah suit, Lazrus and the Trunk I am thinking;


Only question is what Livery for the Korps? Any help welcome.

Finally for the first post a WIP shot of my bases for the Korps, a run down factory of some description.


Until next time (or when I have some musings to give)


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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