Alpha Bear Post 5 – Home

Finishing off the Alpha Bear posts, its time for looking at in faction beasts for Marcus.

Sabertooth Cerberus

Probably the first beast you will reach for in a lot of situations, he can shift with the ability to Leap as his 0 action on top of his decent Wk means he can be where you need him.

Like all 3 headed models he gains positive flips on his attacks while still healthy! He also has a very nice damage track for his attack, which comes with the nice trigger of attacking again for free. This means in the right situation he can kick out a lot of damage.

He is an incredibly fast missile that is awesome, but a little bit squishy as well. He is a popular morphing target for Myranda, speaking of which.


Fast like all beasts so she can keep up. She can hit reasonably well but that is not a problem for most beasts, so instead she is generally used in a more support roll.

Which comes to a couple of different abilities, she has the ability to heal models which for the more squishy beasts is very handy. She also has Huntress which gives positive flips for Df duels which is just awesome!

Her big ability that sums her up is Shapechange which sacrifices her to ‘change’ into a beast be it a Cerebus, Rattler or another arcanist beasts. This means if she takes a beating she can then ‘kill’ herself to get a free beast and not lose any activations on the table! Which is huge this means that Imbued Energies upgrade becomes an auto-include as she will be removed somehow during the game may as well get extra cards for it.


Big angry Gorilla that is pretty slow BUT has a massive reach on his attacks which is always good..

He hits well and can do some nice damage across the 2 different attacks he has, he does bring some movement fun as he has push triggers as well as Pound Chest and Howl, one of his 0 actions pushes all enemy models away which is nasty for turf war. He also has Mark Territory another 0 action which removes all scheme markers and gain Defensive for each one discarded which is pretty nice..

Hoarcat Pride

Littlie Kitties that can keep up with other beasts, they also have Manipulative and Small Target which means they can be pretty hard to hit before they activate. They also have Pass Through which means they can go where you want them as they ignore models (although not disengaging strikes). They can hit surprisingly well in combat due to their trigger and also have a similar ability to 3-headed models but does more damage rather than bonus flips.

They also bring Devour to a list as well, shame it is harder for Marcus to hand out paralyse than say Raspy but the odd failed Horror duel can help.

Possibly not the best choice for Marcus but the low cost will add more activations to the otherwise high point-costed beasts.


Not the fastest of guys as standard BUT they have an awesome 0 action that lets them move towards a scheme marker from a fair distance away. This makes them amazing scheme runners especially in pairs as the leap frog each other up the board extremely quickly, this also work with other scheme runners such as silurids.

Well worth the points in marker heavy games

Razorspine Rattler

Pretty fast Snake that hits hard and with Reposition trigger has great movement possibilities.

It also has Slither which lets it move further than its Cg and make a Ml attack as well, as it isn’t a walk action it can actually do it while engaged without the disengaging strike.

The other nastiness they have going for themselves is Wicked and Constriction which makes moving out of engagement with a Rattler is dangerous. Before you consider what Marcus can do with Law of Meat . It means the Rattlers can basically do a pseudo-paralyse as well on top of everything else.

Malifaux Raptor

They are insignificant which is a shame BUT they are fast and have some very interesting abilities. They have Companion which is nice when you consider the 2 triggers its talons have. Enraged gives the model the Beast characteristic, which with companion with Marcus makes for some interesting possibilities. There is also Rake the Eyes which lets you look at the top few cards of the opponent’s deck and then place them on the top of the deck OR onto the Discard Pile in any order, which is huge if you discover one of the jokers or even a high/low card which will hamper the opponents.

Blessed of December

Another one that does love the Lady of Ice Raspy BUT there is something here for Marcus as well.. Not only is it relativelt robust with hard to wound but it also has Eat Your Fill which means if you target the right things we can keep healing. It is also another model that has leap which is always handy to have around especially if you can have it in abundance. Like all beasts it can hit pretty well and all of its triggers are pretty nice as well, assuming it is not trying to eat a construct (or armour).

Slate Ridge Mauler

A robust minion which is unusual for Beasts, with both Hard to kill and impossible to wound while Bearskin Armor protects against blasts. The damage is pretty standard although with Frenzied makes it a little bit more scary although suffers from needing to be at half wounds or lower.

It is worth mentioning the 0 action Bear Hug which will hand out slow which is nice but on trigger will allow another attack. He is expensive but can be pretty scary though.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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