#Vappafaux Sweepstake for #WAAC2015

Vappafaux is 01/02/2015 (or 02/01/2015 if you are American).

As the nice TO has allowed me to do this, I am going to be doing a sweepstake on how well I can do during the tournament 🙂 and also pick masters for each round as well!!

So it is simple fill in the form below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook with the following.

  • Payment (at Vappafaux or Paypal)
  • How many wins (draws count as wins to make it easier)
  • Victory Point total
  • if you wish to pick my masters (one master for each round)

The prize will be a Voucher to spend at The Outpost, total dependent on numbers who take part but it will be at least £10. If no-one gets the right number of wins AND VP total then prize will go to closest person. If still tied prize will be shared.

e.g. If I get 2-1 and 3VP and closest are 2-1 2Vp and 2-1 4VP it will be shared.

It is a £1 to pick win ratio, VPs and masters.

Below is a link to the spreadsheet I will keep up-to-date of who has claimed which possible options

Link to Choices.

Finally a bit of fun you can pick a master for each round – 3 rounds 3 masters and the choices are;

  • Mei Feng
  • Yan Lo
  • Jakob Lynch

Anything that is not going to the prize pot will be going straight to WAAC 2015. Want to help or just donate contact me or head on over to the Donation Site



Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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