We all love Willie and to be honest he needs grey hair, how it isnt white I have no idea..


3 thoughts on “Willie

  1. That is (what I assume) a shit-ton of dynamite. Shouldn’t really be smoking around that.

    What game are these guys you’re uploading these days, Malifaux?

    What paint range you use? (enough questions for a post!)

    Love what you did with the metal on the base.

    1. It is dynamite yes. May add in some cotton wool smoke actually now you mention it.
      Had not considered that 🙂

      Paints are mainly GW as it means I can walk round corner from work to refill. But I do use some army painter, P3 and vallejo as well.

      Yes these are mainly Malifaux models, I have a tournament coming up so trying to be fully painted for it 🙂

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