Lucky Shadows

Mixing my factions up a little bit today as we have the Bayou Bears and Thunderbear articles combining. It’s time to consider the Effigies of the 10T and Gremlins.


The front of the cards of these 2 scamps are identical. They have decent Df and average Wp, both will also keep up with the rest of their crews as far as Wk and Cg go. However they have very low wounds but as they are only 4 points that can be expected.

This is slightly tempered by the fact they are Hard to Kill and have Armour as well, which helps a little with the survivability. While Accomplice lets them allow the instant use of some of the conditions they grant.

It’s worth pointing out that they are minions so can fully take part in schemes etc.. This makes them great for the price on top of everything else. This is where the similarities stop so on we go..

Lucky Effigy

The gremlin effigy adds some helpful abilities to a Gremlin master which makes them even nastier

Attack Actions

The Crusty Blade has some mightily impressive damage output but its Ml 3 is just plain bad… If you are using it plan A is probably not going well or you got your hands on something v squishy..

Tactical Actions

This is is where all the effigies shiny really..

“Hit Me!” pretty easy Ca action that needs any 6 to succeed, enemy models nearby that declare an attack or charge that could also target the effigy they must pass a Wp duel or they have to target the effigy. This will generally mean the effigy will be squished however it could save a key piece for you.

Luck o’ the Draw – 0 action allows you to target your friendly Leader which grants the Luck Draw Condition, which means that every time they flip a Ram they can heal 1 damage.

The Lucky one is a nice addition to a gremlin crew, yes he is more expensive than a Boy but then most things are… He brings a little bit of protection to key pieces and in theory could hurt something a LOT if he could hit..

But the free healing he grants makes him worth the points (considering dirty cheater fills an upgrade slot) and as most masters (or even henchmen) like flipping Rams for triggers then more bonus is welcome. But masters that are taking damage during the game in a piecemeal way will probably like the Luck more than others.. So Ulix and Ophelia spring to mind straight away but any of the others wont say no.

Shadow Effigy

While the Lucky one is more aggressive lead, Shadow is more schemes and defensively lead..

Attack Actions

The Precision Blade mans the Shadow is hitting as well as Lady J and other big hitters but only doing a point of damage. There is even no damage track…

Tactical Actions

Remember the Mission impressive ability that allows a friendly Minion to gain Remember the Mission condition, which allows the model to place a scheme marker at the end of their activation. Impressive as it is not a interact action so can be done while engaged.

Blend Into Shadow – 0 action allows you to target your friendly Leader which grants the Into Shadow condition. Which forces enemy to take negative attack flips for one attack then the condition expires

Shadow certainly helps with the placement of scheme markers which can be huge in the right schemes in play, but also when you consider the types of masters 10T have then being able to make an attack have to deal with being negative flip makes it that much harder for that big action to happen.

With all this in mind the Shadow is OK with any master it is more to do with number of scheme markers needed that he becomes more interesting as a choice.


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