Beared-itorial 2015

So we are into 2015, what a year 2014 was and glad to see the back of it from a personal standpoint but hobby-wise we not bad.

So plans for 2015 have started to become a bit more rounded which is handy.. So what does 2015 hold for me?


So for 2015 we are going again with WAAC to keep raising some cash for MacMillan. I am getting ready to start poking people to help out so I suggest you all hide.


As you know I dropped this as a system in 2014. But in other 6 months nothing really has caused a hobby wobble not even Nagash. That was until I saw the new Thanqoul and Boneripper models..Wow that is some sexy mutated rats!!

However for the time being with the supposed 9th edition coming in the summer and still so much uncertainty I will be holding any back tracking till then.


A tough one I still technically have 2 armies for 40K but I have not played in a long time a decision I suppose will be made to cut one of those armies but we shall see..


Still has a place in my heart and this year I have the challenge of painting 2 35pt Merc lists with a nod towards BCB in the Autumn so that is pink-ish Dwarves and Cephalyx….Nice painting challenge for the year for me 🙂


Going to continue to be my game of choice I think, I am after all heavily invested again 🙂 So this year after asking A Wyrd Place FB page what I should concentrate on…2015 will be the year of the Out(bear)cast.

Which for me means Von Schill, Viks and one other at the moment don’t know who that is but looking like Levi or Jack Daw. Although at the moment Jack Daw is winning with his crazy movement fun 🙂

Obviously I will be playing NB a little bit as well. However all this will stop if Wyrd drop a lot of gremlins then I am back to my first love!

Freebooters Fate

A game I love but not really dipped into this year! I need to make amends and play some more pirates Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

New System

There is always going to be one and as many know it has been shortened to Infamy, Infinity and Guildball. Now as I am a KS backer Infamy is a given but I do have a strong pull of Guildball as well. Especially as something a bit different for me.

Infinity for the time being will remain on the outskirts dipping in to tempt me every so often..

Hobby This Week

I have been trying to round out my 10T in preparation for Vappafaux in York in February the first tournament of the year. Before my focus shifts as mentioned..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.


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