Alpha Bear Post 3 – Neverborn

Continuing with the Alpha Bear posts, its time for the Neverborn Marcus although to be fair its really Swampfiend Marcus really…Imagine Marcus dressed like Zorida!!!!


Much loved by neverborn for their ability to be awesome scheme runners. This translates well into a Marcus crew.

They are on the expensive side to start with but they are probably worth the points, ok they are not hitting hard but their speed and manoeuvrability is amazing.

A lot of this speed is down to the 0 action Leap which is pretty easy to get off, means that they drop a marker, leap and then drop another marker very strong for things like line in the sand they can more or less achieve it on their own (if this is not the cheapest method to drop 2 markers a turn).

Silurids are not the most survivable with but they do have Silent and Perfect Camouflage which means things can’t ignore LoS so the likes of Lady J are slightly stunted. The camo also helps in that Sh and Cg actions all receive negative flips before the Silurid activates. It is nice but it is better to use their speed for protection over anything else.

Its attack is nothing to write home about but you can in theory get 4 attacks out of it in one activation which is not too bad as the chance for something better than Weak damage is increased which does mean they could be scary IF you weren’t jumping around for schemes with them.


Models that are surprisingly tough with Armour +2 and decent number of wounds means they can take some punishment unlike the other glass cannons that are beasts in Malifaux.

However what makes these useful for Marcus is the Germinate ability as it gives you mobile cover for the crew. Yes there are some things that ignore cover etc. but it is still very useful.

They also make great marker holders as they can sit in the cover they have created with doubles the reach of their attacks which means they can cover a large area to stop interacts. Speaking of their attack Tangling Roots is pretty average but their triggers are pretty good, handing out slow or preventing Wk/Cg actions and doing bonus damage if pushed. They are the mobile bunkers for Marcus to use but once in place are pretty good at locking up/slowing down the enemy.


These are baby Silurids and as such are very similar but slightly worse. They are cheaper and still minions means they can take part in all schemes and strats.

What is different over a normal Silurid is that the Leap needs a Mask (but any Mask is OK) and they have trigger on their Talons which means if they kill something (rare J ) they are sacrificed and summon a Silurid as they grow up..

They also have a second 0 action Juvenile’s Wail, which means when they die any swampfiends close by receive a bonus to their damage output with the Protect the Nest condition. This presents something that makes a lot of swampfiends very very dangerous if this happens early in the turn. They are great to have for these reasons if you have other Swampfiends in the crew as well. Although it could be worth summoning them using the following model a little bit more, as we all love free models.

Spawn Mother

The Henchman of all the swampfiends and she is a bag full of tricks. She is very similar to the Silurids and her Baby Gupps with Silent and Perfect Camouflage. She is based around her gupps with the dropping of eggs for a 0 action that she can create Gupps from by either using Nesting Pool but this is a 2 ap action that pops all eggs in play. This is awesome as you can have extra minions late in the game for little output from her, however in an unusual twist with any sort of counters in the game you will still get the gupps if she dies as they still get to hatch.

She further boosts friendly models with Nourish the Young as they gain +2Cg when starting their activation close to her, this boosts the Leap action but also makes Marcus pretty scary as well.

Her straight damage output is pretty standard, she does hand out Poison on trigger but what makes her a little scarier is A Mother’s Rage which gives her a free charge if a swampfiend dies near her as long as she targets the enemy model.

An interesting choice as she brings a form of summoning to Marcus although not a huge amount but it can still be 20points worth of models over the course of a normal game which is not too bad. The boost to the Cg range is pretty nasty and makes a lot of models very scary especially beasts.

Swampy Marcus

Marcus can easily go swampy with these guys and it is incredibly fast list and certainly possibly of an alpha strike against an opponent as you can conceal all of them with the Walds then leap and charge with the Silurids (and Marcus) and with the boost from the Mother means they can reach across the board. Certainly nasty for certain schemes such as deliver a message and spring the trap..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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