Beared-itorial – EoY 2014

Well its the end of the year nearly.

This will be my last post of any real content till the new year as I am off to have much food and drink.

But before that happens a look back at a really eventful year! As you will know I lost my mum this year to Cancer which was a huge shock to my family, I miss her terribly and this Christmas is going to be a tough one. But something amazing did come out of this and that is WAAC!

Wargamers All Against Cancer was an idea to help the MacMillan nurses who had helped both my mum and also my dad. So what started as a weekend of playing games and raising money for MacMillan turned into….no…EXPLODED into something truly massive with many different little projects people had set up from Mr Henrys Gremlins 4 Joe to Mr Gill painting a whole army of Skaven in 24hours!!

What this meant that from the original total of £1500 we have actually raised over £8000 nearly six..SIX times my original total!

Are we doing it all again next year? Hell yes but maybe I can be a bit more organised 2015, well I can try!

Gaming for the year has certainly pointing that 2014 is the year of Malifaux I have hit the game hard mainly because the new edition has made the game enjoyable again for me after the craziness of the early edition!

It is also helped by the fact we can get games in an evening even with dealing with little ones a huge positive for my little group..

The other games I have, have taken a huge hit because of this to the extent that I have WFB completely from my collections which was pretty huge as I have had my hand in for years!!

I have also only do a couple of tournaments this year which has been a shame but this is done to wanting to learn Malifaux again and not wanting to be unprepared going into a tournament both with my models and also number of things painted!!

This has been balanced by the fact that I have started popping to the local club a bit more which at least has kept my playing other people levels up.

Extension to this has been Vassal which has been a great help playing people I generally don’t get a chance to play.

So what does this mean for 2015?

Well I am hoping to have more of rotation going on with my systems to give everything a chance to be played, maybe on a monthly basis. Hopefully this is the only thing I am aiming to do for the coming year. Use all of my collection 😉

I am also hoping to go to more than just 2 tournaments this year but keeping options open as to which systems I play for them.

Systems wise I think I am pretty set up for 2015. Malifaux will be about rounding out the factions I have. I will not be starting any new ones, ok I only have guild and ressers left but want to leave them be as they don’t really sing to me.

For masters the only thing I have eyes for are Gremlins I want to gremlin models ANY of them!!! Plus knowing that the avatars will be soon back in Beta has me excited for them as well.

40K it will be just about actually painting some Eldar and SM. Hordes I still have some Legion to paint but they will be on the backburner in the coming year as I have my PP project for the year in the shape of….Mercs.

As you know I am planning on attending BCB as always which means 2 35point lists with a nod towards the pink 🙂 this means I have Durgen Madhammer list and a Cephalyx list to build and paint all for October a nice BIG timeline 😉

Hoping to play some more Freebooters Fate again as it is a great little game and there is always some more CoC to paint when the mood takes me..

As for new systems well with WFB I probably have space for one more system (maybe two)..At the moment I have a 3 systems on the horizon.

The obvious one is Infamy: the big smoke which hopefully will have models (more models) soon but the rules in some format will be coming soon as well.

Next is Guild Ball the idea of small number of models is always good for me but also I missed out on the KS but after a good chat on Flock and Awe I am very tempted.

Finally is Infinity which has landed into its 3rd edition always liked the idea of the game but never made the plunge completely maybe with all the new resculpts etc.. incoming this could be the year of some sci-fi fun..

Time will tell I suppose as who knows what else will land in 2015.

But for now enjoy the break and if you celebrate Christmas may it be spent with family you love and may Santa grant you some new shiny things 😀

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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