Alpha Bear Post 2 – Ressers

Welcome to post 2 of Alpha bear, my look at the various beasts that Marcus can use. In this post I will be covering the Resurrectionist beasts that you can pick. They are generally looking like good choices and let you run Marcus as a Resser Master 😉

Rogue Necromancy

He is big and beasty but also brings some shooting to the Marcus beast crew. He has all the things you would expect with three heads.

Positive flips on attack and damage while still healthy, as well as Terrifying ALL with Smell fear which works together really for more stabbiness. It does not have any defensive triggers (and meh Df and Wp) but is rocking Impossible to wound which is great on top of the large amount of wounds.

So that gun Acid Breath such a shame to it can only be used once an activation (but Alpha is a way round this). Something that also adds spice is it is a Ca action so can snipe some incorporeal models beware. The damage is unusual that it has high weak and low severe however we do get blasts. While its melee attack Monstrous Claws is also good with excellent Ml and also good damage track. Having a possible second model with Stalk (Cerebus) is great as you can stalk something let it activate and have the other model move up in preparation for some snacking.

He is expenisve but he brings the damage output of other big beasts but benefits from impossible to wound and brings the shooting. So I think they are some call to have them in some of Marcus lists. You could go with other beasts and get the same effect (looks at dawn serpent) but every little helps.

Night Terror

A resser insignificant minion that is cheap but also against other cheap models can be surprisingly hard to take down.

The enigma of the unusual mixture of incorporeal with hard to kill on top of no defensive triggers or hard to wound (like other ressers) means that it can survive against one models activation but is more reliant on weak damage to do so (incredibly difficult as it has the same Df as a Teddy!!!)

Nearly all severe damage will take it to the H2K wound, so like most cheap minions it can survive as long as its ignored which is handy with the big hitters Marcus can bring.

What it does bring is disruption to the Marcus crew. First up Attracted to Noise: when an enemy within 8″ takes a combat action you can push the night terror a small distance towards them. Now this isn’t directly so as long as you end up closer you can actually get some repositioning out of them.

This can be a trap with the model though as you could be setting up the little guy for a smack so be careful. But does mean on the flip side you can set up Law of Meat with these if the enemy is clumped up a little.

Now comes the added disruption, the attack action Clawed Wings: isn’t very special low damage average Ml but it does come with a trigger that needs Masks that causes the condition Blinded, which means they can’t take Sh Actions (is removed by discarding cards) against the right models this is nasty. Most sniper models have a push to get out of contact but this is pointless if the can’t shoot! Also if you can get it off it actually shuts down Predita completely, although condition removal is easy for the Family it is still messing with activations a little.

Next is the tact action Night Falls: which is a bubble which reduced enemy models range of Ca actions. Incredibly nasty against the right models both (de)buff and attack actions will suffer from this. Especially those support pieces that won’t have descent attacks back, but remember Ca will go through incorporeal so against say Raspy this will be a suicide mission..

Overall, the Night Terror grants some cheap bodies for recon as long as the schemes are not killy. They can also be very effective against high Ca crews so using them against Ressers could work well as well.


Are simply something to hit things with, their stats are pretty average for the price being paid but they do have healthy amount of Wds. They have the expected H2W you get with most undead and flight which does help aid the moving around no end.

Scent of Death: helps if you have poison in your lists as they get to charge for 1ap instead of 2 ap which is nice if you have things like the Dawn Serpent or rogue necromancy in the list as well..

They also have a few different triggers on their attack, the 2 built in ones, let them hand out poison or ignore armour which is nice against fellow arcanists for Marcus. While having a Ram around allow for double positive flips on damage which is excellent as in a lot of cases will get you to the straight flip for cheating.

Now this all sounds pretty cool and gives you some extra choice for Marcus however this is not really the case as you should really be taking 2 of them in a list (so big investment) as they start to excel if the Adversary Condition is about and the only way to get this with Marcus is via the Shikomes themselves…

So what does Adversary do as a starting point, well it grants positive flips to attack flips for spirits, which means they can boost themselves.

There is only 1 way to get the condition and that is the 0 action Shrieking Challenge which has a range slightly further than the Shikome charge range (which is a huge shame). If you get this off it creates a lot of bonuses for the Shikome.

First you have the ability Long Memory which lets you target either Wp or Df when hitting the target. Then you have their Vengeful Talons which have the nice triggers as mentioned but also gain additional damage which takes the damage track to big damage levels (with the nice weak damage of 3). Now this means that if you can get off the Adversary condition they power themselves but if you do take 2 you open a second 0 action Taken By The Sky which lets a Shikome push into base contact with the target for free.

Overall they are worth considering but you may find they become your focused damage dealers over other models while rest of your crew go about their business.

Canine Remains

Cheap scheme runners, that are similar to Guild Hounds but are a point more expensive but then they can act independently as there are not insignificant. Fast moving and Scent of Death lets them Cg for 1ap if the target has poison on it.

They do have some redundancy built in, as Marcus can’t use Found a Bone, as he has no uses for corpse markers.

Their Teeth and Claws attack is very meh in general due to the low Ml and damage track. However this is balanced by that they have Hunting Dogs ability which causes -1Df, which actually makes their slightly higher. But what does really sing for the little Zombie dogs is the triggers Infect, hands out poison for each crow (one built in) so can hurt the enemy but not directly. The other which appears to be built for Marcus is Rabies which require 2 crows and gives the Beast condition and lowers Wp. This is just super :).

The big problem for the dogs is yes they have H2W but they only have average Df and Wp and wounds are very low.

Resser Marcus

So it is surprisingly easy to create a Resser crew for Marcus, the only thing worth while taking with Marcus upgrade for the Wp swing it grants for the crew. But in a 50ss crew you can easily get a Rogue Necromancy, 2 Shikome, 2/3 Canine Remains and 2/3 Night Terrors without any issue which should help under a few different Strats. Although the Night Terrors maybe not worth it in Reckoning.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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