After looking at the Man with the Brain Thexus, I figured better to look at his jacks…..sorry monstrosities.

To start with these guys are treated exactly like Warjacks however they are living and as such do not leave scrap markers.


All three guys have the same basic stats, so they are pretty average SPD for a heavy. While the MAT is also average while the RAT is on the low side. Their DEF is Khador Jack low, while their ARM is almost Cryx heavy low. This means that they are in an odd place as their DEF and ARM are both pretty rubbish for what is a heavy jack.

However what does really help this is the huge number of damage boxes. They have a full set, that’s right a total of 36 boxes, which is a crazy amount of damage. These guys take damage pretty easily BUT they can take a lot of damage.

Another nice bonus for them, is eyeless sight which is great when having to deal with those cloud problems. Something to remember that can be an issue with Hexeris is that Thexus will not be able to ignore the clouds when using the Monstrosities as arc nodes.


The range choice from the 3 big guys. He comes with a Net Launcher which is a low range AoE attack that does no damage.

But what it does give is Quake which allows you to knock down everything in the AoE on a direct hit (shame it is only a small one). While Catch allows you to drag the direct hit target and then hit them with the Impaling Blade for free. This melee weapon is an OK attack for a heavy not terrifying but OK.

The Subduer suffers from low stats to hit with both weapons (although with the knock down this is mitigated a little). If you want to hit something then you will need to boost in general, however like all monstrosities you will need an Agitator which will come to later..


The cheapest choice of the 3, coming in with 3 attacks 2 Mecha Fist and Head Plate all at the same low (like medium infantry level) P&S, again the Agitator helps mitigate this but what helps the Warden is its other rules.

It has 2 open fists for those double-handed throws when you need them, its head is also a Buckler 🙂 which makes its armour almost worthwhile..

The Head is then where it’s all at as it is Hard Head which allows you to hit a big harder for head-butts and slams. Speaking of Slams we also have Grand Slam and Follow Up, which makes the Warden slightly better on the focus and also lets it force a path through enemy lines for a possible spot to be an arc node for some spell assassinations.

Finally there is Shield Guard which is handy if you want the warden to protect other Cephalyx beyond Thexus himself.

Very cheap heavy that can with the right set up actually be pretty nasty..


The big hitter of the 3 with its two Ball & Chain weapons which are the highest P&S capable. Which also has Reach and Chain Weapon which is always nice. They also have Beat Back which in theory allows you to move him an additional 5 inches which can actual place the Wrecker where you need him.

The Wrecker also comes with a chain attack Bloodbath which allows for an additional attack for free which also is a thresher type of attack which can really help clear out support from around a heavy target.

Pretty simple Monstrosity really point, release and enjoy the carnage..


Now generally the monstrosities are cheap and the stats suggest this, however what makes them shine are the Agitator solos so it makes sense to add these into the post at the same time..


Very fast and squishy solo who is clearly a support solo really, although at a push they can hit stuff if need be. They have OK DEF and poor ARM but they do have Sacrificial Pawn [Monstrosity] which helps this lots and also they will be near the big guys naturally.


They have some Prosthetic Blades that is on the low side damage-wise but they do have Anatomical Precision which at least lets them take down normal infantry on their own.


The agitator comes with Fearless and Pathfinder which is standard for the Cephalyx, but what does make the Agitator worth the points is its Magic Ability which has a decent target number.

  • Influence – You will see this across all of the cephalyx really, as they do enjoy taking control of enemies.
  • Psychic Assault – Again another one that is popular across all of the Cephalyx, it is a nice magical attack which is a spray that is decent POW but also ignores LOS, which is very nasty.
  • Instigate – This is what makes the Agitators huge targets for your opponent, they hand out +2 to attack and damage rolls for ALL Drudges and Monstrosities close by. This is incredibly powerful and creates some nasty possibilities. But with the Monstrosities for this post in particular it makes them hit at very nice levels (character levels) and pushes the damage into more scary possibility particularly the Wrecker, but even the Warden with its 3 attacks make for a scary prospect.


Very unusual heavies so surprisingly cheap and yes their stats reflective this BUT those damage boxes are amazing!! They can take a hit so well. The Agitator is going to be the Choir for Cephalyx for the cost which in theory adds maybe a point to the cost of the monstrosities in a list it grants so much help with the Instigate ability, it does make the big guys very scary.

Obviously Thexus helps in a couple of ways, boosting DEF and ARM against shooting is helpful to deliver the big guys. While some healing and pseudo movement boosts also makes them a little bit more scary..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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