Bayou Bear – Merris

To mark the first wave 2 Gremlin model to appear, I thought it would be good to look at the flying superstar herself Merris.


To say she is flying she isn’t that fast (only average) but at least she is not bad. Her Df is decent and Wp average (though still good for a Gremlin), nothing surprising though..


On to her abilities;

Flight – Gets over her average Wk ability and means she can keep out of the way generally as she doesn’t have a Ml attack so doesn’t want to be too close..

Reckless – She is Gremlin so no surprise she can get some more APs 🙂

Immolating Demise – Similar to the Fire Gamins in when she pops she hands out some burning.

Exhaust Trail – As a few of the Gremlin masters like bubbles of effect to power their crew means they can be prone to blasts causing mayhem. This allows some defence against it, as it has a similar area to most of these bubbles and makes models immune to pulses and blasts which is huge. Having dealt with a Somer summoning list against Raspy need I say anymore?

Attack Actions

Flaming Bottle – Her only attack which is also only a range attack, unusually has a target number to achieve as well. It does also ignore cover which is very nice, simply it adds Burning to the model it targets which can be pretty nasty..

Tactical actions

Gremlin Cunning – A nice action that can combine well with chain activations out there. Draw 2 cards and place 3 cards back on your deck. This can in theory help you set up for your next activation or deal with what is coming from your opponent’s activation.

Bombs Away! – Her 0 action, which allows her to discard a card to place a scheme marker. Incredibly powerful ability as it is place not interact so can be done in engagement range of enemies. At the price of a card she can place a marker almost half way across the board when reckless!!


In a faction with much crazy damage output, Merris sits in that unusual place of being a support model that protects rather than damage buff (Lenny) while he Bombs away helps her drop2 scheme markers a turn if she is reckless not bad at all for the price..


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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