Thunderbear – Ama No Zako

Another Thunderbear (and now outbearcast) article this time I am looking at the local angry ghost that gets herself about. Its time to look at Ama No Zako.


She is not bad stats-wise with above average Wk (a decent Cg as well). She can also take a hit with so many wounds. Although her Df is average she has good Wp.

All for 9pts and ability to spend Soulstones means she is not bad at all, she also has an ok cache for a henchmen.


On to her abilities;

Flight – Means she can go where you need her, on top of her good Wk she can shift around the board.

Hard to Wound – always good to keep her going.

Terrifying – Only on living but the TN is pretty high, wont protect her all the time but great when it comes off.

Attack Actions

Vicious Embrace – Average Ml attack that has great damage spread and also decent reach.

  • Quaff Blood – Crow & Mask trigger – Although the Crow is built in. She gets to make a healing flip which is roughly double what damage prevention does.

Promising Whisper – 0 action that needs an 8 of masks targeting Wp – That is very similar to Obey but obviously can only be done once and competes with her tactical action. Range also means she can charge whatever she could target so is more about setting something else up or moving out of a scoring situation.

Swallow You Whole – Very similar to devour. She needs a 7 of tomes and if she does eat something she gets to heal which is always nice. Will always need some set up certainly if you want to eat something good as they need to be paralysed or Ht1.

Tactical Action

Miasma of Boils and Flies – Needs a 6 of Crows for this 0 action to happen. It creates a bubble of severe and hazardous terrain around her. It is just big enough that it will slow most things down. Possibly enough to stop a charge but also the hazardous effect means. Even unimpeded models will need to think about it (free damage is great after all).


Within 10T there is not a lot that will synergies with her well (beyond the likes of Kang/Toshiro buffs). What she does grant is a fast Henchmen, something 10T lack (looks at ototo) but she can also hit pretty well and just generally annoy and get in the way. No one likes hazardous terrain near a squat marker never mind a hitty spirit (even though she doesn’t have the spirit characteristic).

If you are after a scheme runner but the likes of the Tengu are a bit squishy for you then Miss Zako could be the one you want.

As that is where she will excel in a fight she knows she can win against smaller prey.

EDIT: This is all true for the Outcasts as again she is a fast Henchmen in this faction as well (Taelor). Which is increased greatly by Oathkepper upgrade. Her miasma becomes even nastier in say a Jack Daw crew which can increase the size of it. with her Promising Whisper she can easily get some of the slower models in the faction moving without Oathkeeper. She can also help move things like Vik of Blood around as OR hit more!

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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