Mars Attack

He is back, James (AKA @belverker) is at it again this time he is looking at Mars Attack.

So as someone who hasn’t been too keen on Mantic in the past (if you don’t believe me check out some of my twitter posts…) I backed this game with a lot of trepidation, because on the one hand it was being made by Mantic, but on the other it was Mars Attacks, which is one of my favourite properties.

So jump a head a bit over a year of waiting after the Kickstarter ended I received the first package for the game, this package included the base game and additional mission books. My initial reaction when I opened the box was quite positive as the miniatures are quite good for Board Game Pieces (I feel I should emphasize this as they are were not designed to be super high detailed pieces, they are even made with coloured plastic Green for the Martians, Tan for the Soldiers and red for the Heroes), the terrain is really cool (even if the clips are quite easy to break) and the paper mats are usable (though getting the rubber ones will be great).

I had a read through the rulebook next and it is a really simple system (my understanding is that it is a simplified version of the deadzone rules) Basically when you activate a model it has a few options such as move a square and shoot, move 2 squares, Fight in combat, or you can play a card from your hand (more on these soon)…the Shoot and Fight actions are pretty simple you roll 3 D8’s (maybe more depending on the situation) and compare to your Shoot stat, for each die that equals or beats your required score that is a success, the opponent then rolls against their survive stat, if the attacker wins the defender is killed, if the defender wins it survives, super simple. Obviously terrain, special rules and cards affect the amount of dice that are rolled.

The cards are quite cool, each card has an effect/ability for both the Martians or the Humans or it is an event card that is played immediately, these events represent things that are happening off the actual playing space (a 2 foot by 2 foot area) some of these events are a giant robot throwing a car onto the table and causing damage, a herd of burning cattle running onto the board and causing havoc, and scared citizens running around, as well as others (speaking of these events, my biggest complaint about the boxed game is that the tokens included to represent the citizens and cow are terrible, they do not fit in their little stand-slot at all, and just feel very cheap, obviously there are miniatures coming out to represent these, which I feel will be essential (in fact I have already bought some even though I have a set coming with the rest of the kickstarter packages)

Some of James' models
Some of James’ models

The scenarios provided with the base game a quite fun and really capture the feel of the setting as they are very wacky. I feel this is where the game will shine, as while there is going to be rules to have pointed battles, the scenarios do a good job of representing the scenes you see in the Cards/Movie/Comic Books.

Overall I feel this is quite a good product and am glad I backed the kickstarter (I’m really looking forward to the rest of my stuff)

Hopefully Mantic continue to support this line with additional releases once the stuff the Kickstarter unlocked are released at retail stores.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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