Bayou Bear – The Sow

Its been a while since the last Bayou Bear Article but I haven’t forgot the little guys for the 10T lot. So to get back into the swing I have looked at a Pig a BIG one!! With many heads which means more Bacon right?


A nice 8 point minion which has decent amount of Wds which it will need with average Wp and on the low side Df, she can keep up with all the other gremlins well so no issue with the big hitter being slow. What is surprising is the Cg range is frankly huge for such a model.


On to her abilities;

Three Headed – As long as she has half of its wounds left then she will get positive flips on both attack and damage flips.

Farrowing – Free models!! When she is sacrificed or killed you get to summon 2 Piglets (which is actually another 8 pts worth of models) yes they take a lot of damage when they come on. This isn’t a problem as they will get to be throw away missiles that will hopefully be in your opponents face.

Smell Fear – Once per Turn, when an enemy loses a Wp duel, she can take a free Ml action. Which is always nice for some extra stomping.. This also works well with;

Terrifying (All) – Anything with the ALL for terrifying is always nice to have. OK the TN is relatively low but these things can still be failed.

Attack Actions

Furious Mauling – Average Ml but with decent range and super damage track with the magic 3 for weak damage that everyone seems to like.

  • Eat Anything – Crows – After dealing damage she can take a healing flip which is her only defensive ability really so you really want the sow in combat ASAP.
Tactical actions

Birth – Needs a 5 of Crows to get off but lets you eat an enemy Scheme Marker to summon a piglet. Both the piglet and Sow take damage but not too much for either.


A nice model to have around, she hits very hard and keeps on hitting and unlike a lot of the faction she is not as dependent on triggers as others which means she can just go about hitting stuff.

She can die quickly due to no defensive abilities but at least you can heal her. She can easily fit in most crews with obviously Ulix being the prime candidate for her. But Brewie will be handy for failing those Horror duels to get off Smell Fear. Plus she also adds a touch of summoning outside of the usual methods like Somer.

A malifaux average cost for a minion (but expensive next to Gremlins and piglets).

What you get is an average Df, low Wp beast (and pig and swampfiend) that is also average speed. What does stand out is the Cg which unusually is double the Wk and also the number of wounds they have which is pretty nice although no really defensive abilities to keep them going.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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