It’s that time of year when family start asking about Christmas presents, I am all for new shiny but I am going to try to be sensible in the coming year….Stop laughing!!

What this means is no more factions, no new armies!!! Now I can have some play here as I will be allowed to add within a faction and if I completely remove myself from a faction that leaves me with some space also!!

I would like to say no new games, but with Infinity and Guild Ball knocking on the door not sure how well that will happen.

I will of course also have Infamy to play as well once the KS is finished and the rules become available but I am not going to even fight that. Does mean I need to actually build the models I already have for my shame!!


PP have moved to hard plastics for some of their future releases. This is huge as I know a lot of people are not a fan of the resin they use (I am though for the big kits) and lets not discuss restic.

I am looking forward to see what becomes of this, but it will be interesting as now we have a direct comparison between PP and GW for the first time since they have not been closer too each other as far as fan bases go (although honestly we all know GW is still out there in front)

 Painting & Hobby

I have managed to paint my friends Lady J and Hoffman crews this week, like literally 2 crews in one week. Thankfully he is a fan of the poster paint look…

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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