Thunderbear – 10T Brothers

The latest Thunderbear article today has me looking at the Brothers, one of the 5pt minions that have a lot of competition for space (I love rail workers). But they have gone up in my estimations..


Good Df and Wds for the points and the remaining stats are average. The above average Df is very handy as we shall see.


On to their abilities;

Protect Our Holdings – While nearby friendly Scheme markers may not be discarded by the actions/abilities of enemy models. This means You have to take out the Brother if you want to take remove markers, this is incredibly powerful..

Expert Defense – This is huge while under the Defensive Condition the model gains +1 Df. This makes it incredibly difficult to shift. But be weary of lots of Wp attacks as they will disappear quickly.


Bend As The Willow – Df trigger on Tomes that allows Defensive +1 for free. This also comes off regardless of who is successful, so as long as the Brother doesn’t die he is going to keep getting harder to hit.

Attack Actions

Ten Weapons of Wxu-Sju – An average Ml attack that does have decent range. While the damage track is poor on the low side but still has a decent severe.

  • Crushing Strike – Rams – Damage flip gains positive flips for each Ram in the total. Nice way of getting round hard to wound.
  • Trip – Mask – Hands out Slow and places target into base contact. Now this is great, as slow is always handy BUT the place can be huge as you could move stuff out of turf war area or set it up so a big hitter has clear LoS to it for a charge etc. Never forget the place!!
Tactical Actions

Dance of the Heavens – A zero action that requires any 1 to get off and they must declare a trigger. All of them pretty handy;

  • Crab Style – Tomes – Grants Armour +1 for bit more survivability.
  • Monkey Style – Crows – Grants Strike from the Branches condition which doubles the range on their attacks.
  • Mongoose Style – Rams – Allows you to draw a card, then discard a card OR heal 2 damage.
  • Eagle Style – Masks – Places the Brother within a small distance.



For 5 points you have a very nice hard to shift model that protects your scheme markers. They work surprisingly well with any master as you would expect being a 10T only minion.

Here are some of the fun things you can pull off that I can think;

  • Shenlong – hands out all-sorts of Defensive and Focus which will obviously help them.
  • Lynch can obviously power the right Dance of Heavens for nicely with only needing a 1, means his ace in the hole ability means it is something else he can power.
  • Yan Lo is pretty nasty as he can get a brother (with the right cards obviously) to Df7, Defensive and Armour 3!! Try and shift that without condition removal or target Wp..
  • McCabe obviously loves Minions with his upgrades and Brother is decent target for most.
  • Mei, Misaki and Brewie are less direct fun for the brothers but with scheme markers around they are awesome.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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