Apologies now as I am going to go on a bit of a waffle…

Skirmish Games

I have been mulling recently…no not wine it’s too early in the year, although. No no few more weeks yet.

Anyway I have been thinking about how the Skirmish level games have exploded completely in the last few years, when I say skirmish I mean anything that needs less than say 20 models on the board to be playing a full list.

Why do we think this is happening? Simply it is going to be a multiple number of reasons and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

  • Cost – The ‘buy-in’ for a skirmish army is so much lower than a lot of mass combat systems (WFB main culprit but also a few of the historicals). Which makes it easier for many to take the plunge.
  • Internet
    • Now this is a null point these days (we aren’t in the 90s) but the use of the internet has effected how people hear about such games. Blogs started it but social media (for me particularly Twitter) has taken it to the next level it is so easy for makers and consumers to interact which really is better than a straight website (maybe even forum if the makers are activate users of the media).
    • Kickstarters, I know it has been covered many times. BUT this is probably what has caused such a shift. Go look right now I bet there is probably at least 2-3 KS that are related to a miniature game and it will be a skirmish based game as well.
  • Time
    • Smaller games are generally quicker (unless you are learning) so more chance of more game time is higher – less set up time etc..
    • We have become an instant gratification society in many ways and with this in mind I think alt of peoples gaming has followed the same way. Why paint 100s of models when you can paint 10 and be ready to go.
  • Character driven – there is more chance for characters and stories to be made with fewer models on the board and this means you can be more attached to them rather than regiment X and Y in bigger games.


I do find it interesting that most people will form around a few of these things and honestly it is going to be something special to change these things.

Now admittedly there are mass combat games that are not too bad scoring on these points but for now and the immediate future Skirmish is king.


Its finally here, it is actually finally here….Myth no more!!!

Still trying to figure out if I would prefer it as something that floats rather than a centipede look, but its here and I dont care!!

 Painting & Hobby

Bit of an odd place at the moment as I don’t know what to paint, I am coming to the end of the unpainted CoC I have, admittedly there are still a few things I would like to add to them but as we head into Christmas I wont be getting substantial again till the new year. I think I should really think about painting some more eldar. As I will be honest I have to be careful with the Malifaux stuff as I don’t want to suffer burn out on them. I am enjoying playing too much and as many know you stop enjoying the painting you stop enjoying the playing.

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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