Bendy Boards Wound Counters

A few weeks ago I pester Mr Bendy Boards Lee about some possible wound counters and wouldn’t you know not only did he deliver but better than I had imagined 🙂

Well put together and pretty dam clear for you during games, these are great for what I want. Which is I don’t like having lots of cards around me.

I feel it is hard to keep track of which card corresponds to which model in the heat of battle especially for minions I take more than 1 (rail workers etc.) I am still figuring a sensible way of dealing with gremlins in a Somer list as wounds just bounce around so much…Maybe I need to hit up Lee again 😉

These things also cover all wounds so if you wish you can have these for masters as well (1-14 on the dial) especially if you are not a fan of marking on cards.

As you can see they are a nice size, so wont be getting in the way during games too much.

At the moment they are not on the website, but I am sure if you ask nicely Lee should be able to help you out, especially I could see these being amazing for conditions like poison (price is amazing as well).





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