Thunderbear – Tengu

The latest Thunderbear article today has a look at the new (shooting) star of cheap scheme runners for 10T in the shape of the feathery Tengu.


For the 4 pts the Tengu cost you are getting stats you would expect! Low Df and Wp with not great number of wounds. Although it does have reasonable speed.


On to their abilities;

Flight – Means they can go where you need them.

The Shooting Star – At the start of its activation, it can be placed into contact with a friendly Scheme Marker. This is what makes these guys sooo fast and why a pair of them will work so well as well. Basically they get a free Wk which is limited to a target, this isn’t a problem when they start bunny hopping.

Regeneration – A low number of wounds means this will generally not see much use but every little helps sometimes.

Attack Actions

Razor-Edged Talons – Average Ml that has a low damage track.

  • Flay – Needs a Mask – Allows damage flips to be cheated even if negative flips involved.
  • Katanaka’s Mark – Needs a Tome – When dealing moderate/severe damage, you can place a Scheme Marker.

That Trigger is the only reason you would want to get the tengu in combat, there is other minions better equipped to get up close and personal.

Tactical Actions

A Song of Night and Day – Any 6 is needed to get this action off. This hands out Regeneration for the turn, which is nice in a support sort of way.

  • Nightfall – Tome is needed – Allows you to take the action again.

Still the Earth – Zero action that allows you to discard 1 scheme marker for one card discarded up to two. Very nasty in the right scheme choices..


These guys seem to be the scheme runners for 10T however they need to work in cohort with something else as their speed is based around Shooting Star ability which means they need scheme markers already on the board. So expect to see them in pairs at least if that is what they will be used for.

However they are good at being annoying and clearing scheme markers or if you have the high tome a way of dropping the marker for say plant explosive, with their attacks.

They are going to be popular as a support role with handing out regeneration (possibly 4 times) and also removing scheme markers as well so actually make OK things to hang around your leader/big hitter.

Outside of the scheme runner ability for any 10T master also consider Yan Lo. As they are Spirits means he can give them Armour to make them that bit more survivable, but then they also benefit from his ascendant upgrade for a free action (even more regeneration or more markers). They then in turn help out the Ancestors , for example;

Imagine Izamu with armour +4 and spirit (so extra attack from Yan) and also gaining Regeneration from the Tengu before activating. Means he can take a hit and just be back to normal!

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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