Thunderbear – Toshiro

Another Thunderbear article this time I am looking at the man who is proving very popular for me. Everyone needs a bit of summoning in their list and if he can do it with some added fast as well. Well that is gravy as they say. That waffle intro is basically me saying am talking about Toshiro the Daimyo.


He is not pretty average stats-wise with average Wk and Df. While his Wp is better, he also has a decent number of wounds and is a henchmen so can use soulstones.


On to his abilities;

Hard to Wound +2 – Very handy as it means most of the time damage against him will be on a negative flip.

Feudal Ties: Allows a crew his in to hire Punk Zombies regardless of Faction. Handy if you want to try some in 10T

Daimyo – This is the start of his love for Minions, any close by gain positive flips for attack actions.

Bloated Stench – Enemies that cause damage with a melee attack take damage for doing so. Very much like black blood but more direct.

Attack Actions

Ancestral Katana – Above average Ml which has decent range and OK damage track. Standard for a Henchmen but he does have a positive attack flip with it.

  • War Eternal – Tome – This is built-in so if Toshiro cheats the damage he gets to draw a card.
  • Next Target – Mask – Allows him to move a short distance in any direction (this is always handy if you need to be somewhere else after hitting).
Tactical Actions

Both his Tactical actions are for the love of his minions in the list. But you can only use one as they are both zero actions.

The Daimyo’s Price – Any 8 is needed, allow you to discard a Corpse or friendly scheme marker to give all friendly minions Focused Condition. If they haven’t activated yet and you have more than 1 minion in range then this can be very nasty. On top of his Daimyo ability as well!!

War Fan – Any 8 is needed as well for this one but grants Fast to a minion. Great on a few things but 10T archer springs to mind so it can move and then still rapid fire!

  • Lethal Lunacy – Mask – if you get the trigger you can also push the minion as well. Helps some of the slower minions such as Rail workers.

Command the Graves – Costs 1ss and grants 2 different summoning actions. Both need a 9 but the suit is dependent on the action (both summons also cause damage).

  • Eternal Servitude – Crows needed: Summons an Ashigaru using a Corpse Marker.
  • Eternal Guardian – Times needed: Summons a Komainu using a Scrap Marker.

Other upgrades that worth looking are at Recall Training because you can never have enough positive flips. Apart from that Toshiro just keeps going under his own power.


Toshiro is like Kang in that he likes to spread himself about the masters. Yes he fits well into a Yan Lo crew but I have had success with Mei Feng, using the scrap (or corpse) left by rail workers means Toshiro is keeping your activation numbers up.

On top of that any minions you take will love him, he is almost made to make the 10T archers useful (mine are rubbish in games 😦 ).


10T have some great Henchmen and Toshiro keeps this going he works great as a central figure that hands buffs to minions. He can also take a hit and be able to at least hand it back. Although he will still crumble to big hitters.

There is always a place for something that can help keep your activation numbers up with summoning.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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