I got to meet the other hosts of Flock and Awe podcast this week and a trip to Warhammer World/Bugsman Bar which was nice.


apologies for the other hosts…(yes that is Kev wearing his PP shirt). It was good to put names to faces (real faces) although I would have thought Kev would be taller.

As for WW it was a shame as they are undergoing lots of renovation work so things like the Hall of Fame was closed which was a bit pants.

I did manage to see a Nagash model in real life and my word is that mental model, the size, the amount going on craziness!!

After much messing about and poking fun at each other we sat down for a game Kev brought, we have this recorded so hopefully it is worth sticking on the podcast as a random bonsus episode..

The game in question was Cards Against humanity, this game is truly something you don’t play with your Mum! Unless she has a sick sick sense of humour. The concept is simple pick a black card which is the set-up on it which are generally pretty simple, say “When was the last time you _________ with your _______“. The comedy value and cringe effect comes with the white cards which fill the blanks with, these are many and varied and completely insane in some cases.

The winner of the round is the person to give funniest results with the person picking the black card being the judge. Overall winner is the one with the most black cards.

BEWARE! some of the things that can be created are beyond any sort of taste, so be careful who you play with.


In other news WAAC now stands at over £7000 which is just amazing, I am stunned by everyones generosity throughout last few months. Been truly humbling.

 Painting & Hobby

Slowly making head way with my ice constructs for Rasputina.. Which translates as dry brushing and playing with crackle paint. This stuff is great fun to play with……use I mean use would never play with it.

So far I have failed with the Breast Cancer Brawl painting with only a week to go. Suppose I better get my donating on for it 🙂

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


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