Thunderbear – Komaniu

Everyone needs a stone doggy in their life, even steampunky ones if the new artwork is to believed. So I will be looking at the Komaniu for this latest Thunderbear article.


Completely average stats across the board many 5s including cost! The only thing to note is the Wd is ok at 6 while the Df is below average. Also to note it they are also Spirit and Retainer which means they will like to work with Yan Lo regardless of faction called.


On to their abilities;

Hard to Kill – Always good to keep it on the table a bit longer especially with no real other Df abilities.

Armor +1 – The other Df ability that is nice to have but there is a lot of stuff out there that can ignore it.

Guard – This is great when you have ancestors on the board as if they are near one they get a Tome to add to their Ml attacks which is nasty when you consider the following.

Attack Actions

Rend the Soul – Decent Ml and unusually targets Wp while the damage track is pretty average. What makes them pretty nasty is their triggers that benefit from Guard.

  • Spirit Latch – Tomes – Hands out slow.
  • Fires of the Aether – Tomes – Hands out Burning +1.

Both have uses and these can generally be on all the time with Guard it is surprising how annoying they can become

Tactical Actions

Spirit Scent – 0 action that allows you to push into base contact with enemy model within 3″. Unusual ability as the distance isn’t huge but it can have its uses when it comes to schemes etc. but also bypasses Cg and Wk effecting abilities.

Guard the Soul – Against the right crew (Ca heavy) this could be very nasty as it grants the Komaniu a condition that allows them to have a free Ml attack against anything close by that uses any Ca action regardless of success. It also ignores range and LoS for the attack which is nasty.


They have their across all of 10T especially if you have Toshiro in your crew as he can bring them on from scrap counters. But generally a Yan Lo crew is good with them with all the ancestors in there handing out Guard! I have also had some fun with Mei Feng as she is another construct for you to use.


Nice cheap minion that work within the 10T faction and can really make Ca users worry about that out of activation attack (handing out slow after a first action is mean). They are also good at handing out extra burning for Mei Feng.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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