Mr Conrad of podcast fame (Malifools, Boosted Damage, Fools Daily, anything else he  can get on) is doing the Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research. As you will know from WAAC I have MacMillan close to my heart BUT any cancer charity is worth supporting so please stick a fiver in to make Conrad not do it naked….

You can donate here please think of everyones eyesight.

Speaking of Malifools you may notice I was roped into being on the show this week, not sure how it happened all I remember is darkness and strange smell of chloroform. But you can listen to the car crash HERE.

In more dramatic news, tomorrow I get to meet the other cast members of the Show the call Flock & Awe. Thats right the bear is heading south *shudder* while the hobbit and Bat travel north, all because the heretic is over from the colonies to sample the wears of the British Isles.

Handily this also means I get to visit Warhammer World and Bugmans Bar which will be nice as I have never been before – Like a pilgrimage 😉

 Painting & Hobby

Still going with the Malifaux stuff although I am in the process of painting a friends Hoffman crew so that will be something different to play around with.

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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