Been trying to figure out a topic for todays Beareditorial as lets be honest the news post-GenCon is still very much nothing. Well except GW re-releasing the re-release of Space Hulk but that is a can of worms about limited edition stuff I don’t fancy opening…

Anyway back on topic which is to say I didn’t have a topic, should I talk about painting? Nah you need to be good at it to talk about it, well better than drybrush and washes J

I have already done KS to death so that’s a no then it hit me I can do a decent base when the mood takes me. So lets waffle about model basing….

Obviously basing is incredibly important these days mainly because it keeps your models upright and generally provides the point in which you take measurements.

But more so now more than any other time it is about adding to the model be it themed or added interest beyond the model itself.

Old Skool

We all remember in the 80s and 90s the Green Goblin bases of GW games, with perhaps sand painted green then maybe with some green flock on top as well just too really drive home the idea of GREEN!!

Thankfully that particular look is long dead but even the GG bases did provide one thing that is needed.

A finished based means a finished model this is what it all comes down to really. I know we all joke about the old school bases but it finished the model.

Types of basing

There does seem to be 2 extremes of basing though still from those that clean up the base of wayward paint from the model and maybe a sprinkling of sand or flock. To those that spend more time on the base than they do the model. Both are fine and I would like to think I sit in the middle somewhere, where most people are…

For instance my old Orks just sat on grey sand bases, one for the ease of my sanity with all those models but also it was effective for the dark colours I was using on the Orks.

On the flip side my Cygnar are all based on at least 4/5 layers of cork to give the impression of trench warfare (hell my Storm Strider is actually crossing a trench).

So really I will try my hand at various ways, but it is not to say DIY bases are the only option. Resin bases are everywhere now there are many many companies making them in fact I have reviewed and used quite a few in the past.

Now when it comes to the type of basing it depends on what you are aiming for as doing my cygnar bases for a Skaven army would look awesome in a Hell Pit sort of way but my would you be sick of it by the time you finished one slave unit!! Whereas more character driven games ala Malifaux could mean you can go to town on individuals and just ignore a theme.


Now I could say plan out bases and make sure you get the elements you want, however all my basing is very organic. This means I just throw stuff at the base and sees what sticks it works for me but may not be best idea for others.

Going back to my cygnar I knew I wanted trenches and very little flock etc. with some boards (read coffee stirrers) and water effect plus barbwire at the end. That was about the end of my planning.

While something simple like my Legion of Everblight army is based around a layer of cork for some height then it is about the basing scatter material.

Basing Material

So we are talking flock, sands, moss, static grass, snow etc.. The choice these days is almost mind-boggling. Not only the types of material but also the colours. You want purple grass for your Tau? You can have purple grass..

I think the material you use on your base as ‘scatter’ is the cap for the base be it a basic plastic one, to resin, to 12 layers of cork.

Story time and theming

Picking the right theme for your item is also important, no-one believes Orcs will be seen in a library but Slaanesh daemons moving through lace curtains is nailed on. This is why it is good to pretend to plan what you are aiming for.

While if it is a one-off base a story about the base works much well, for instance my storm strider stepping over trench while a trencher is lurking within the trench as they both move towards the enemy.

Another option is using one thing to tie lots of bases together that may look different, so with this in mind all my 10T models for Malifaux have v different bases, I have the monochrome Yan Lo on dead battle field, Mei Feng on industrial bases, McCabe on ruined temple and Lynch in a tavern. All very different types and colours but I plan to tie them up by using some orange coloured leaves I have. Just one leaf a base as nod towards them signing up to the 10T as a signal leave blows past.

I think it works well, yes my bases are all different but I have an eye-catching thing that draws the eye to tie them together (that and I have orange/blue on all the models)

Ramble Over

So overall after all that waffle go forth and base, have fun with it as it will come across on the finished (and that is what it does) model. Now where is my PVA glue..

 Painting & Hobby

Not addicted to Malifaux, I am not a Maliho as suggested on twitter…..But I have still been painting some Malifaux 😀

As always make sure you check out the guys at the Outpost who now offer over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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