Bayou Bear – Wild Boar

When a piglet is not enough, you need something more rugged and manly you go for a Boar, a Wild Boar.


A malifaux average cost for a minion (but expensive next to Gremlins and piglets).

What you get is an average Df, low Wp beast (and pig and swampfiend) that is also average speed. What does stand out is the Cg which unusually is double the Wk and also the number of wounds they have which is pretty nice although no really defensive abilities to keep them going.


On to their abilities;

Bayou Rampage – When they activate if they are not already engaged or very close to a gremlin or near a Pork Whisper’n model. Then they must take a Charge action if it can. Hard to control if not properly supported so watch out for losing the supporting models. Advantage is it can be any legal model so not the closest or something.

On Edge – They gain positive flips to attacks when outside of their activation. Handy for disengaging strikes and also any Ml attacks they can be made to take such as Obey from Brewmaster.

Eat Your Fill – They may choose to heal all damage and end their activation if they kill something. This is really their only defensive ability and it is based off them being offensive.

Attack Actions

Tusks – Average Ml with OK damage track and they must declare a trigger;

  • Stampede – Rams – after damaging the boar takes a wound then must charge again which is the closest (although non-pig target) and this can only be declared once an activation. Has the potential to be pretty nasty but very very unpredictable if you have not planned for it.
  • Eat Anything – Crows – after damaging you get a healing flip.
Tactical actions

Root Around – Zero action they may target a Scheme Marker nearby to push into base contact and discard the marker. Nice way of eating opposition markers.


They will be popular in Ulix as medium hitters between the big pigs and piglets. They also offer a relatively nice way of removing opposition scheme markers. Which is very powerful when certain schemes are in play.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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