Beared-itorial Birthday

Birthday time 🙂

Thats right the blog has now been going 4 years!! I am stunned as always that I have got this far with it.

Thank you to all the readers who pop on here to see my ramblings and paint jobs with the odd review thrown in. I even get to thank my sponsors at the Outpost this year as well 😉

We still appear to be in a  GenCon lull as far as rumours/new releases go, but my word the release of Nagash and the end of times series seems to have really blown life into Warhammer after so much love spent on 40k. I am almost regretting giving up WFB but for now not enough to dip the toe in!

Speaking of toes I got to try out Lilith and her nephilim crew this week and I have to say wow, I knew she was good. Didnt realise how much fun she could be.

Especially with grow on the field the joy of seeing your little guys growing on the field as they kill, is highly amusing to me 🙂

 Painting & Hobby

So painting and hobby, not much to report I continue to paint Malifuax models.. I may be slightly addicted :S

But I do have Breast Cancer Brawl coming up in October so will give me a chance to play some Warmachine which I havent done in a long time…Like since the last BCB in 2013. OK maybe malifaux has taken over a touch.

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


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