Bayou Bear – Penelope

Every shepherd needs his sheep dog. But this is Malifaux so we have a Hound named Penelope to deal with Pigs. This Bayou Bear post is going to look at Ulix’s totem.


For her cost she is not bad at all. Decent Df and Wp with average Wk. Her Wds are also not bad for a totem.


On to her abilities;

From the Shadows – Allows her to deploy where you need her also means she can keep her bubbles exactly where they are needed.

Insignificant – So she can’t do interact actions which explains why she is so cheap..

Kept at a Distance – All pigs activating close to her get +1 Wk during that Activation, this works well with Ulix and makes the crew pretty fast.

Pork Whisper’n – With Ulix and maybe a Hog Whisper in the crew this adds another bubble of control making sure your pigs only do what you want and so don’t need to deal with Set’er Off ability unless you want them too.

Attack Actions

Rip and Tear – Average Ml 5 attack that does low damage. Generally you don’t want her in combat, although she does come with;

  • Critical Strike – Rams – +1 damage for each Ram in the final duel total.
Tactical Actions

Herd ’em – Zero action that allows a friendly pig to be pushed its Wk in any direction.


She adds a bit more movement help to a Ulix crew which is always welcome, very much a support piece but for the crew not for the master.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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