Bayou Bear – Ulix

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy… This time we are going to look at the lover of all ovine Ulix!


So statswise we have decent Df (with built in Crow) and average everything else, although it is worth mentioning that he doesn’t have a Cg rating! Like most, his pure stats are only half the story but unsupported he will not be moving around very fast.


On to his abilities;

Hitch a Ride – Ulix is slow, very slow and even more so by the fact that he can never make more than 2 Wk actions per activation.

But on the flip side he has fantastic movement ability as he can be pushed into base to base of a Pig model that took a Wk action whilst close to Ulix. This does mean he needs close support of pigs to get around BUT in theory he never needs to make a Wk during a game himself.

Pork Whisper’n – As he is Chief Hog Whisper, then it makes sense that he should have this. It means friendly pigs activating nearby may ignore the Set’er Off ability. This means he can control when the pigs go nuts :).

Impossible to Wound – Damage flips against him are negative and they cannot be cheated. This is very powerful as it means it is harder to get the big damage against him unless the cards are cruel..

Wall of Pork – Ulix defensive trigger based on Crows (for both Df and Wp) allows you to increase you total by the number of pigs nearby. This works hand and hand with Hitch a Ride nicely! While also giving him a healthy boost on both stats.

Attack Actions

Slop ’em Up – He comes with just one combat attack but it has a huge range but only average Ca (which is unusual) and resists against Df. The damage track is on the low side but it does also automatically hand out the condition “Tasty” which means pigs get positive attack flips when also targeting the same model.

  • Feeding Frenzy – Rams – friendly Pigs that have range & LoS to the target get to make a 1 ap Ml attack. On top of having the tasty condition and Ulix generally having pigs very close by it means he can actually throw out a lot of damage. Despite the basic stats of this attack.
Tactical Actions

Prod – Nice ability as it allows a pig within 2” to make a Ml action while also granting positives on the attack flip. This is nice if you have one of the bigger meaner pigs in range this maybe more worthwhile than Ulix hitting himself, but then even a piglet can do something. A nice possibility is Gracie attacks, then Ulix pokes her for more attacks then she reactivates, not much will be standing after that (these attacks via Prod would also ignore her trigger which ends activation).

Sooey! – Needs a 4 of any card to get off and allows you to keep your crew together in a bacon pile, as it allows you to push all pigs in range their Cg towards Ulix. However if you fail then the pigs actually charge Ulix (that could be painful).

It is a nice ability as it allows you to boomerang your pigs out of combat (which could heal them) which is beneficial for Ulix defensively but also gets the pigs away from hopefully too much reprisal.

  • Feedin’ Time! – Rams – Any pigs pushed in this way heal a point of damage.

Proper Care – This is a zero point action that allows him to take some wound to heal ALL pigs within distance this is very nice when you consider the birthing upgrade.


Although there are generic upgrades that Ulix likes, his personal upgrades are very powerful and probably too tempting not to take.

Clobberin’ Stick – A 1 ss cost upgrade that grants;

Poke Around – Allows you to draw card but can only be taken once per turn. This is always good just a shame it is only 1 card for the cost of 1 AP.

Clobber – A zero action attack that has good Ml and OK damage track with an excellent severe if you can get it. Lets you swing if you don’t need to do any healing and use your actual AP on something else.

Huntin’ Bow – A 2 ss cost upgrade that grants;

Huntin’ Bow – A High Sh attack with decent range and ok damage track.

  • Blood Trail – Crows – Hands out the Blood trail condition, which adds extra damage when a pig does damage against the same model.

Shot in the Rear Short range action that needs a 6 of Rams or higher to achieve. A friendly Pig can make a Charge action. If it kills the target it can immediately make another charge and can do this until targets run out or it does not kill something.

Against the right crew this could really hurt a lot of crews. Yes it is dependent on killing lots of things BUT it is giving pseudo-activations to a pig.

Pig Sling – A 1 ss cost upgrade that grants;

Dem’s Pets – All friendly pigs lose the Beast Characteristic

Pig Slingin’ – Decent Sh, range and average damage. Does what it is says on the tin! Needs to have a Ht 1 pig within 2″, and if you have been successful then place the little piggy in base contact with the target. Pig suffers some damage as well but this is cheatable and it cannot take Interact actions for the rest of the turn.

  • Enraged – Rams – After succeeding, the pig gains Fast.
  • Gently – Tomes – After succeeding, the pig is not damaged.

Husbandry – A 3 ss cost upgrade that grants;

Birthin’ – Needs any 9 to achieve this, target a 50mm base pig. Allows you to summon a piglet both pigs then take 2 damage. This is pretty good as you will generally have 2 maybe 3 big pigs with Ulix so dropping these early with the Proper Care action means you won’t be suffering too much.

Call Forth the Pork – Needs any 12 to achieve this and also some setting up. Ulix takes 4 damage and discards 3 friendly scheme markers close by this allows you to summon a War Pig which takes 4 damage as it comes on.


What Somer is to Gremlins Ulix is to Pigs, he really loves pigs and they love him…

He supports the pigs so well boosting them in different ways with a touch of healing and summoning thrown in there as well.

All the big pigs are great with him as are the smaller ones as well. Would possibly suggest a slop hauler as Ulix does like to take wounds so a way to heal him so he can get on with pig wrangling would be good.

Ulix can handle most Strategies and Schemes mainly due to his upgrades being so varied. He can grant the speed to pigs for scheme running or just not worry about summoning piglets for Reckonning, while summoning for reconniter. Very much the Swiss Army Gremlin with his pigs.


A fun master to play and he can deal with most things although he is very much a summoner and support master rather than smash face one.

5 thoughts on “Bayou Bear – Ulix

  1. Ulix is the one master that would have got me into gremlins had he been out by now. With Relic Knights now shipped, and Guildball not far away I won’t be needing a second Malifaux faction really. Shame but hey ho.

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