Thunderbear – Yin

Who needs a body when you can be entrails? This time on Thunderbear articles is Yin the Penangalan..


As is expected with Ancestors she is slow which is a shame! She does have decent Wp and average Df. Apart from that nothing surprising here for moving viscera.


On to her abilities;

Mass of Viscera – She doesn’t have any defensive triggers but then when all attack & damage flips are negative against her does mean she can be surprisingly hard to even with the average Df.

Flight – Goes some way with dealing with her slow movement and always worth remembering.

Wicked – Her disengaging strikes deal damage, also nice but then her wounds are not very high she will die under effort.

Terrifying (All) 12 – This is pretty big as few things have terrifying ALL. So make use of it always good to make things fail when they are the ones usually handing it out! Muwahahahaha!!

Attack Actions

Entrails – Decent Ml attack although the damage track is only average. It comes with the Crows built-in which is nice.

  • Can’t Look Away – Tomes – After damaging she hands out Slow.
  • Infect – Crows – The target gains Poison +1 equal to number of Crows in the final total. Which with look would be +2 poison which is very nice, as it makes the damage output that little bit nastier.

The Fear Behind the Eyes – Decent Ca with low damage, resisting Wp and ok range. It comes built-in with a Crow.

  • No Escape – Crows – She hands out the condition ‘No Escape’ which means the target not take Wk or Cg actions.
  • Look and Be Afraid – Masks – After damaging you can push her into base contact with the target.

Gnawing Fear – Her only 0 action that again has a good Ca and incredibly low target number (any 3) and again targeting Wp. She hands out the Gnawing Fear condition until she is removed or her next activation. The target gains negative flips to all Ca and Wp duels. Very powerful against the right target


Obviously Yan Lo loves his Ancestors and Yin provides some nice de-buffs to the opposition crew. She provides something a bit different for 10T. As such she could easily fit into any crew really.


A strong Wp based model for 10T that can be very effective at shutting down one or two models a turn. She is also an effective annoyance due to the difficulty in hitting her.






6 thoughts on “Thunderbear – Yin

  1. Yin has good synergy with Yan Lo of course because of Reliquaries (and also because healing her up after the other crew puts a lot of resources into hitting her is hilarious) but I think the main thing Yan Lo offers to Yin is access to the Soul Porter’s pushes. McCabe and Mr Graves can also push her around if you’re desperate for it, but the Soul Porter is cheap and I pretty much always take him.

    1. Do you find sometimes if you are taking say both Yin and Izamu that the porter can be left behind? It is always my worry/issue.

      1. Actually, I think I find that in almost every game where I take an Ancestor with Yan Lo (except Chiaki; she can walk herself around). If the price of having two fantastic pieces 4″ closer to where I need them before they activate is the Soul Porter having to move forward in turn 2 under its own steam, then it is a price I’m willing to pay. And it’s so easy to kill the Soul Porter that it’s probably better off far from enemy pieces anyway.

          1. You’re right of course; the Soul Porter is staggeringly good in combat for the price (3″ melee at Ml 6? yes please). But the low damage track, again combined with how easy it is to drop the little guy, make this more of a late turn finisher after an opponent has already been mauled down to the last wound by an Illuminated or something.

          2. Must admit not tinkered outside of theme with yan lo yet. Do think I will drop ashigru pretty fast for otherstuff like rail workers and illuminated

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