#WAAC update 11


A week to go till the big event and we are still going string 🙂

We have already smashed the second total already so it has been extended to a huge £2500 which I dont think we will be too far from it 🙂

On top of the usual below I have to plug 2 seperate little projects to do with WAAC.

Mr Barker is doing a paintatholon and is asking for donations HERE this will feed into the main WAAC just giving as separate donations.

Along the same lines Mr Henry (a real teacher so an actual sir ;)) he is going to take up Gremlins in malifaux if he gets enough donations (spoiler: he is starting gremlins) you can see more HERE.

We also  have someone waxing his back, Ryan (the blue heretic) has promised to wax his ass and recorded it 😉 and someone called spoons is giving up most of his life for donations!!
We are also more international with abd event taking part in Sweden.


The first batch is away and we have raised around £150 for that, BUT I have spares and so if you want some let me know.


Everyone needs to show their WAAC support with some WAACWear, grab your t-shirt, mug at the WAACWear Shop.

Painting Competition

Still time to take part in the painting competition find out how HERE, but now it is going to be a speed painting job 😀


The WAAC templates are going fast so make sure you get yours as once they are gone they are gone. Spread the word.

Prize Support

I am now chasing up prizes so I can show off everyone’s generosity!!

Places taking part

The list of places you can take part in WAAC is still growing and below is a full list for you to check out. So make sure you find your local, and if they are not on the list. Let me know 🙂

outpost 150x150

We also have Crow Valley Crusaders taking part in sunny Wales, as well as the Southampton Sluggaz.

We have Tanelorn WG Club in London, Worhamma in the NE looking to be getting involved some how as well 🙂

Also as of this week I have also got NWGC involved as well 😀

Know of a club or store I don’t have on here? Then please either get in contact with me or get them to contact me, so we can make this a truly UK (maybe world) wide event for MacMillan.

Any donation know matter the size will get you a raffle ticket to win some very cool prizes


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