Bayou Bear – SNAP!!

After McTavish it seemed fair to do some Swampfiends so it has to be the Gators.


So these guys are surprisingly big on medium bases and for a cost of 5 points they are as expected very average stats-wise. Although their Wp is on the low side (gremlin faction again 😦 ). No surprises for the cost.


So what about their abilities then:

Melee Expert – This makes them pretty scary as they are coming in with 3 attacks on the charge.

Ruthless – Handy that they can ignore Wp duels during their activation, so horror is less scary.

Insignificant – Such a shame they can’t take Interact actions, but then they don’t have hands.

Unimpeded – You try stopping something made of nothing but teeth and muscle!!

Attack Actions

Fearsome Jaws – An average Ml attack across the board (with decent range though), what makes them scary is their triggers.

  • Death Roll – Rams – Hands out a positive flip for damage.
  • Swallow Whole – Crows – Nasty trigger, if you inflict severe damage then kill the target unless they discards 2 cards. This works on 2 levels, as it means you get to kill a model OR they sacrifice some cards. Both are good in the right situation.

Drag Under – exact same stats as the Jaws attack BUT it takes up all 3 Ml actions a gator can take. It does present a slightly better damage track plus;

  • Held Under – Crows – Hands out paralyze on top of the damage.
Tactical actions

Ambush – Zero action that allows the model to push 3” in any direction if they discard a card. This does help make the gators actually move pretty fast. With a healthy threat range if they do this.


Obviously anything that likes swampfiends such as Zorida and McTavish are going to like some Gators. As they generally don’t need to worry about being boosted they are happy going about their business so don’t so can work in any list.


Generally they make for some nasty model hunting. They have the potential of catching people off guard with the range of their movement and the amount of damage they can kick out. They are becmong one of my favourite models in the game for what is a very simple glass cannon 🙂



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